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The silverfish, is a small ignored insect of the homes of Quebec, in Outaouais, in Laurentians, in Montreal, in Lanaudière and also with Three-Rivers. We finds the silverfish in the kitchens and the bathrooms, near as of sources of heat and moisture. It does not present any direct danger it human being. These insects are harmful because of their abundant presence in the houses and of the damage which they can cause with the books and paper in general.

Physical description

It measures approximately 12.5 millimetres and has a body covered with scales. Its body is of silver plated color equipped with small subtle blackheads. As of the three months age, the female can lay between ten and hundred eggs in cracks, crack or of the plinths of your house. The insects live then until nearly four years and can pass more than 300 days without food.

The silver fish nourishes fungic moulds and of organic matter like the exuvies of acarina, the hair, the hairs of animals and the cotton balls. On the other hand, they are cleaners small inaccessible recesses where neither the brush nor the sweeper can go.

Problem detection

To know if you are infested by the silver plated silverfish, you can observe small holes notched in the binding of the books as well as traces of dark and yellowish excrements on those. The silverfishes are visible in general the night, but you can also find of them some ones which were mislaid and imprisoned in the bath-tub or the sink.

How to get rid of them

The silverfish is one of the insects most difficult to eliminate, especially in the houses with wood shingles, because moisture penetrates there and created mould whose money fishes nourish themselves. The treatment by a professional pest control company, Elite extermination, in Gatineau, Montreal, Laval, Repentigny, St-Jerome, Trois-Rivieres and their surroundings, is necessary when the problem is recurring.

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