Home sealing: an essential pest-control service

A true pest-control service isn’t complete until the home sealing is done. After our certified exterminators do a thorough inspection of your building, they plug, block and caulk all the openings that could allow vermin to get into the home. This fundamental step is a part the turnkey service we offer at Elite Extermination.

After all, what’s the point of fumigating with pesticides and setting out traps if the intruders can march right back in through the unsealed holes they used the first time? Once we begin an extermination plan, our technicians go around your house or place of business to inspect every nook and cranny and evaluate if it’s a viable entry point for vermin.

You don’t have to wait until you have an infestation to use our sealing and caulking service. As a preventive measure, it could save you a lot of trouble down the road.

How do vermin sneak in?

Here are some examples that might put a bug in your ear about the importance of prevention:

  • Do you have trees whose branches are almost touching the roof? Rodents such as mice and squirrels are good climbers; they can easily climb onto your roof from a tree branch. If there is a loose shingle, a squirrel can gouge at it and make an opening that lets them get in and move into your attic. Rodents and birds can also get in through the chimney and fireplace. Finally, if you have any old, rotten trees on your property—especially conifers—they could be hosting a colony of carpenter ants that’s ready to move on to new resources: your home.
  • Do you sometimes skip doing a visual inspection in and around your home at each change of season? It may be tempting to forego a seasonal check for holes and cracks unless you have an obvious problem, but doing an inspection is well worth the effort. Perhaps thus far you’ve never had unwanted insect or animal visitors, but that could change at any time. Keep in mind that soffits and the undersides of your eavestroughs are attractive to nesting birds; a sparrow or pigeon needs only the simplest of spaces to raise her young.
  • Do you have a wall-mounted air conditioner, heat pump or gas fireplace with a chimney on the side of your house? All openings in these appliances can be entry points for mice and shrews if you haven’t sealed them off with the appropriate wire mesh.
  • Are your outlets, taps and vents sealed off? Think washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and attic air vents. A mouse can pass through an opening that’s only 5 to 7 mm wide, which is about the width of a pencil.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, make an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to caulk and plug any holes and openings that could be letting critters in from the outdoors.

How do we do home sealing?  

Our exterminator does a complete inspection of the building to find any cracks, holes or openings that could be an entry point for mice, rats, raccoons, bats and other critters. He or she shows you what the inspection reveals and, with your consent, starts the home sealing process.

The purpose of sealing off entry points is to create a physical barrier that keeps intruders from making their way into the attic or between your walls. We use different types of materials adapted to the size of the vermin.

Galvanized steel and aluminum mesh. Wire mesh barriers in the back yard can keep skunks and groundhogs out of your shed. Finer mesh is used to cover air vents, air-exchange outlets, dryer vents and any other openings that can’t be sealed up completely. 

Cement and caulking. These materials are used to seal holes and cracks in the building’s walls, foundation and roof.

All the materials we use are strong, durable and designed to withstand Quebec winters. Our experts use a caulking technique that allows them to be very precise in their work and that preserves the aesthetic finish of your home’s exterior. We also make sure, as much as is possible, that any physical barriers we use are not visible. Our home sealing is also designed to keep vermin away without compromising the airflow and insulation capacity of the building.  

The advantages of home sealing

Plugging and sealing openings is the best way to prevent pests from getting into your home or from coming back after an extermination. The advantages pay off, right from the start.

It’s environmentally friendly. When we remove all access to your home for pests, we’re addressing the problem directly at the source. We don’t need to resort to pesticides and other chemicals right away.

It’s economical. When you keep vermin out, you’re eliminating the need for new treatments. Best of all: you save money.

It prevents the worst-case scenario. By adopting a preventive approach, you protect yourself against the possibility of big infestation problems later on.

It preserves the value of your building. In addition to preventing undesirable insects and animals from visiting, repairing cracks is a good way to keep your home shipshape and maintain its market value.

Don’t wait any longer to keep your home safe from insect or animal infestations. Treat yourself to some peace of mind and contact us today about our home sealing service and our five-year guarantee.