Elite Pest Control offers guaranteed extermination services in Gatineau

The forested hills in the Outaouais region make for a lot of wildlife living close to residential areas. If your home or place of business has an infestation of bugs, mice or other vermin, choose Elite Pest Control, the Gatineau exterminator that offers discretion, affordable pricing, and a five-year guarantee.

Our unique approach to pest control

Every Gatineau exterminator on our team believes in taking a safe and humane approach to pest management. That’s why we take care of your concerns and explain each of our procedures so that you can trust our services. In addition, whether for your home or business in Gatineau, we use products that are environmentally-friendly and approved by the government.


Our services offered in Gatineau in 4 steps

  1. We inspect your home and implement an extermination or wildlife removal plan that will help you feel safe and at peace where you live and work.
  2. We practice prevention by sealing all entry points so you won’t have to deal with re-infestation.
  3. We offer a turnkey clean-up service. Let us disinfect and remediate your attic, basement or shed where vermin have been nesting and leaving their urine and droppings.
  4. We can also completely reinsulate your home or attic (add the link to the new insulation service page) whether you’ve had a problem with pests or not.

Gatineau residents, we’re the right pest control company for you!

Each Gatineau exterminator at Elite Pest Control is experienced in getting rid of all kinds of vermin in urban, suburban and rural settings. Here are some of the problems we’ve successfully dealt with:

We believe that positive reviews from our in Gatineau and Outaouais are powerful proof that we offer an effective extermination service. Contact Elite Pest Control today to make an appointment for a free estimate.