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Around Gatineau and on the north shore of the Ottawa River, the wooded hills are full of wildlife that live very close to residential areas. Mice, rats, ants and wasps have a strong attraction to Gatineau homes and properties.

Has one of these intruders found its way into your home? Call Elite Pest Control!

Our pest control service in Gatineau offers a five-year guarantee, a discreet approach and competitive prices.

Outaouais is a breeding ground for pests

Life is good in Gatineau, Ottawa and other municipalities in the Outaouais region. At least that’s what the mice, rats, ants and other wildlife are probably thinking.

Gatineau has a population of approximately 287,000, which is about three times higher than the last census in 1992. Considering the number of interventions by our team, we can confirm that pests are also much more numerous today than in the 21st century.

Quebec’s 4th largest city is full of parks and a river that are perfect playgrounds for pest proliferation. This is reason enough to get rid of them from your home.

If you are a victim of a pest invasion, contact us by phone or by filling out the form on this page for a free quote and a quick response from our exterminators.

    A quick and professional service

    We understand that nights are much less peaceful when rodents have taken over your home or a colony of ants has invaded your kitchen. Every hour that passes is longer than the last when waiting for an exterminator to arrive.

    Our exterminators understand the hassle these little beasts cause. We believe in a safe and humane approach to pest control. That’s why we pay attention to your concerns and explain each of our procedures so that you can feel confident in our services.

    In addition, whether for your home or business in Gatineau, we use environmentally friendly and government approved products.

    Our exterminators offer turnkey services

    The advantage of working with experts is that you benefit from additional services, which are essential to protect you from health problems and prevent the return of pests a few weeks or months later. Here is how we operate:

    1. Our pest extermination service inspects buildings and implements a capture plan that will allow you to feel safe and at peace where you live and work.
    2. We advocate prevention through pest control caulking to prevent you from falling victim to another infestation.
    3. We offer a complete decontamination and disinfection service. Let us disinfect your attic, basement or shed if the pests have made their nest and left their urine and feces behind.

    We can also completely re-insulate your home or attic, whether or not pests were present.

    No pest can escape us in Gatineau

    Our exterminators working in Gatineau have experience with many types of pests in urban and rural areas.

    Here are some of the things our exterminators do best:

    While these are the main pests of the North Shore, our team’s work does not stop there. There are more than 30 intruders that we can control with specific methods for each one.

    Elite Pest Control comes to your rescue all over the province

    Not living in Gatineau? No problem. We take care of infestations as quickly as possible throughout the province of Quebec:

    We believe that the positive reviews from our customers in Gatineau and the Outaouais region are proof of the effectiveness of our pest management services. Follow their lead and call us to schedule a free quote.