Laval Exterminator

Laval Exterminator

Extermination Service on the North Shore

Elite Pest Control has a team of efficient and discreet Laval exterminators. Residents and business owners located in Laval and on the North Shore use our extermination services to quickly get rid of harmful insects and pests. Our promise is to offer you a quality extermination service to solve your problem for good. As proof, we guarantee all our pest control services for a period of five years.

Laval exterminators who keep families safe on the North Shore

Have you found mouse droppings in your pantry or heard scratching noises in the walls at night? Mice and rats wander around the house looking for food, leaving behind contaminated droppings and urine. We can exterminate mice and rats that have invaded your home to keep your family healthy. Our exterminators can also solve your problem with our caulking service, either by sealing all openings in the house or cleaning and sanitizing all soiled areas.

An extermination service on the North Shore that protects your home’s value

Your home in Laval is an investment and its resale value can be negatively affected by bed bugs, carpenter ants, wasp nests and other pests in your attic or yard. If you live in Laval and have to deal with raccoons, rodents, spiders, birds or other pests, contact Elite Pest Control to solve your problem. We are one of the only extermination companies in Quebec that offers a microbial decontamination service.

The importance of hiring exterminators in Laval

Many tips and tricks are available online to exterminate raccoons and bats. However, only a professional exterminator knows how to eliminate an infestation once and for all and caulk all openings that could be potential entry points for pests.

Are you living in Laval or on the North Shore and facing an infestation in your home or business? Contact our team of Laval exterminators right away.