Laval extermination service: Elite Pest Control

Residents and business owners in Laval and on the North Shore use our services to quickly get rid of unwanted pests or insects because we are effective and discreet. We promise to do the job right and fix the problem for the long term; to prove it, we guarantee our pest-control service for five years.

Laval residents, ensure the safety of your family

Have you found mice droppings in your pantry, or heard scratching sounds in the walls at night? Mice and rats will wander throughout your home looking for food and leave behind microbe-contaminated rodent droppings and urine as they go. To keep your family safe from these pathogens, we will get rid of the problem, block all entry points into your home and clean and sanitize all soiled areas.

Maintain your home’s value in Laval

Your home is an investment. Its resale value and appeal are negatively affected by the presence of bed bugs, carpenter ants, wasp nests and other vermin in the attic or backyard. If you live in Laval and have a problem with raccoons, rodents, spiders, birds or other pests, call Elite Pest Control to deal with them. For added value, we are proud to be one of the only Quebec companies that offers a full cleanup and decontamination service as well as an insulation replacement service.

The risks of DIY pest extermination

There are many tips and tricks available online to get rid of mice and insects, and some of them do work. However, only a professional exterminator knows how to eradicate an infestation completely and seal all possible entry points to prevent re-infestation.

If you live in Laval, contact us now for a free quote or ask us your questions about the intruders that are infesting your home or place of business.