Exterminators who know Longueuil

Whether in Longueuil or other cities in the Greater Montreal area, the exterminators at Elite Pest Control are familiar with the pests commonly found on the South Shore and know how to get rid of them effectively.

No matter what type of home you live in, we offer pest control services that will help you quickly say goodbye to the pests that are making your life miserable.

We put an end to infestations in Longueuil homes

With its 250 000 inhabitants, Longueuil is the 5th most populated city in Quebec. The human activity and many green spaces in the city are favourable to the development of pests.

A mouse has enough food and shelter to ensure the survival of its offspring. No wonder our mouse exterminators are in high demand from October to March in the city of Longueuil. In the summer, like the island of Montreal, the South Shore suffers from the proliferation of ants, wasps and other animals.

These insects don’t mean you any harm, but they should be eliminated as soon as possible:

  • They don’t belong in your home: The city of Longueuil is big enough for them to find a home elsewhere. When we respond, our caulking service will make sure they never come back.
  • They are dangerous to you and your family: They mean you no harm, yet wild animals are carriers of many diseases.
  • They grow at breakneck speed: A small infestation can quickly get out of control.
  • They can damage your home: Pests will leave their mark unintentionally. Insulation often needs to be redone and affected areas need to be decontaminated if left for several weeks. We also provide these services if needed.

Even if you do your best to protect your living space from intruders, sometimes it’s impossible to keep these animals away once they take up residence in your home. Contact us now before the infestation gets out of control, puts you at risk and causes significant property damage.

    2 reasons to call our exterminators if you live in Longueuil

    Are you a property owner? Protect yourself from infestations

    We often get calls from owners of condos or buildings in Longueuil. If you owna  building, it is in your best interest to prevent mice and cockroaches from spreading from one unit to another.

    Keeping raccoons, bats and other small mammals out of your house or apartment will help maintain your peace of mind and the market value of your property. If you share a common wall with your neighbor, be on the lookout for pest problems in the neighbourhood.

    Make sure you put preventive measures in place and ask our Longueuil exterminators to caulk and seal holes and openings that could let in unwanted insects or animals.

    Do you have a business on the South Shore of Montreal? Protect its reputation

    A clean, pest-free establishment is essential to your business reputation. Elite Pest Control can help you implement preventive measures and a complete pest control plan before pests infest your hotel, restaurant or commercial building.

    If the damage is done, our team will exterminate, decontaminate, caulk and insulate as needed.

    Elite Pest Control doesn’t only serve Longueuil

    What if you are the victim of an invasion, but you don’t live on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River? You can count on Elite Pest Control to respond quickly to get rid of mice, ants, squirrels or any other intruder that has no business being in your home if you live in the following cities:

    Want to find out more about the services Elite Pest Control offers in Longueuil? Need to make an appointment for pest extermination? Contact us today!