Every home is unique, so every pest control plan should be unique too!

At Elite Pest Control’s Longueuil branch, every exterminator on our team is familiar with the kinds of vermin found on the South Shore of Montreal, and they know how to get rid of them. No matter what type of housing you live in, we have a strategy to help you say goodbye to the pests that complicate your life.

Condos and apartments

Apartment building tenants have little control over what happens in their neighbours’ units, so you should do your best to protect your own living space from pesky intruders.  For landlords, it is important that mice and cockroaches do not extend from one housing unit to another. An out of control infestation will affect your ability to resell.

Semi-detached and detached homes

Keeping raccoons, bats, and other bothersome wildlife out of your home helps maintain its value and your peace of mind. Whether you rent or own, sharing a wall with another home requires extra vigilance if there are pest problems in your neighbourhood. Be sure to practice prevention and have a professional Longueuil exterminator block off or seal holes that are letting intruders in.

Pest control for commercial buildings and businesses

The good reputation of your company is based on a clean and pest-free establishment. A Longueuil exterminator from the friendly and professional team at Elite Pest Control can help you implement preventive measures and a comprehensive pest management plan before vermin and bugs infest your hotel, restaurant or commercial building.

To solve your pest problem discreetly, call Elite Pest Control now. Our service is fast and courteous, and we offer a 5 year warranty.