The Montreal exterminator that gets rid of insects and unwanted wildlife and guarantees the results

Bed bug infestations and other pest problems can quickly spread from one building to another in large cities like Montreal. Careful and effective extermination is the only way to find real peace of mind. Call Elite Pest Control to get rid of rodents, bugs, wasps, raccoons, birds or other intruders in your home or yard.

Why do our clients say we’re reliable?

Our guarantee. There’s not much point in bringing in a company that doesn’t back up its work with a guarantee. At Elite Pest Control, we are so confident in our expertise and experience that we promise to follow up for five years after an initial treatment if the original problem wasn’t solved. You can also call us for a free assessment of your pest problem.

What makes us a unique Montreal extermination company?

Our cleanup service. There are a lot of pest control companies in the city, as well as Montreal’s North Shore and South Shore, but they don’t all provide the same solutions. Elite Pest Control offers a unique cleanup and microbial decontamination service – including the replacement of contaminated insulation – that makes your home safe and sanitary after an infestation. This is especially important if you’ve been dealing with rodents, bats, birds, raccoons or other wildlife whose feces can harbour disease-causing microbes.

Why should you trust us?

Our client-centred values. Our technicians are personable and will happily answer your questions so you can rest easy. Our vehicles are discreet and unidentified out of respect for your privacy. And we offer a 24/7 emergency extermination service so we can make your home pest-free as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to learn how to get rid of unwanted pests or to arrange an inspection and free estimate for our services.