Terrebonne exterminators for pest control in your home or place of business

Are you looking for pest-control solutions in the Terrebonne area? You’ve come to the right place. Since starting our business 10 years ago, our experienced technicians have helped hundreds of residents and business owners get rid of mice, rats, insects, birds, bats and more!

A unique service

We’re one of the only Terrebonne exterminators that offers additional services in decontamination and attic sanitization after a pest infestation. We can safely clean out the animal or bird urine and feces, replace any damaged insulation and do a microbial decontamination to ensure that no health dangers remain.


Our prevention services are a key part of our pest-control approach. That’s because if you live in a typical suburban neighbourhood, your home is vulnerable to the same pests your neighbours might be dealing with. If they’ve had wasps, mice or even raccoons under their deck, immediately bringing in an exterminator to plug, seal and block all entry points will save you a lot of trouble.


Depending on the type of infestation, our exterminators use traps, nets or environmentally-safe insecticides to eradicate the pests that are living in your home. This process requires a thorough inspection, an extermination treatment or wildlife removal, the sealing of entry points and follow-up.

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