Elite Extermination guarantees a discreet and fast extermination service throughout Trois-Rivières

Of all our branches, our Trois-Rivières extermination company deals the most often with bat infestations. In the past, people believed that an infestation of bats or other pests was the result of poverty, homeowner negligence or inadequate housekeeping. Unfortunately, old beliefs can be persistent and falling victim to a pest infestation can still be a source of bad publicity for a company or even an individual.

That’s why Elite Extermination promises a respectful approach and a discreet presence when inspecting your home or place of business, so that your infestation problem doesn’t become the hot topic of your neighbourhood!

Guaranteed discretion with unmarked vehicles

We know the last thing you want is a big van in your driveway with “bed bug exterminator” written across the side. We use plain, unidentified vehicles that won’t give your neighbours or fellow businesses a clue about what’s happening in your commercial or residential building.

24/7 emergency service throughout the Trois-Rivières area

It’s a bad idea to let an insect or pest problem go untreated once you notice it; delaying the extermination will allow the vermin or insects to reproduce and cause more damage to your attic, basement or kitchen pantry. We are available to inspect your infested premises and offer an extermination, cleanup and decontamination plan whenever you decide to take action.

A humane approach to extermination

Not only do we respect your privacy, we also treat you with respect and consideration. We are ready to help you find the source of the infestation, block all entry points and clean up the contaminated areas. You can also rest assured that we only use pesticides and decontamination products that are government-approved and safe for occupants and pets.

Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate; our technicians cover this part of the St. Lawrence River valley with 24/7 service!