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Elite Pest Control’s expert exterminators have been providing pest control services throughout the province of Quebec for many years, including Trois-Rivières and around the St. Lawrence River.

Elite Pest Control are a team of efficient, discreet exterminators who strive to achieve the best results. Many residents and business owners in Trois-Rivières rely on our extermination services to quickly eliminate their harmful insects and pests.

We are committed to providing you with a top-standard extermination service that will solve your pest control problem for a long time to come. To show how committed we are, we have a 5-year guarantee for all our pest management services.

Trois-Rivières: a popular destination for insects and pests

Being the most populated city in the Mauricie region and the second oldest city in the province of Quebec, Trois-Rivières undoubtedly has a rich history. Also known as the “City of Laviolette” (named after its founder), Trois-Rivières is composed of 5 islands. Renowned for its rich nautical and maritime activities, these islands are not just a source of happiness for its human inhabitants. In fact, many, many pests also populate the city and often disturb the tranquility of the Trifluvian residents: our bat extermination and raccoon extermination services are frequently requested in this area of Quebec.

The number of insects and rodents is perhaps even higher than in the rest of the province, due to the low population density (465 inhabitants/km2) and the numerous waterways (being in very close proximity to the St. Lawrence and St. Maurice rivers).

Like the many other Trifluvians, feel free to contact us. We offer free quotes and fast intervention, promising to restore your peace of mind.

    Why call our exterminators in Trois-Rivières?

    If you have issues with insects and pests, it is time to call our professionals. Our Trois-Rivières exterminators will get rid of them for good.

    Here are 3 reasons why our extermination services in Trois-Rivières are so well known.

    We make sure that families in Trois-Rivières are safe

    Have you found mouse droppings in your pantry or heard scratching noises in the walls at night? Mice and rats roam the house in search of food, leaving behind contaminated droppings and urine. To keep your family safe, we can exterminate mice and rats that have invaded your home.

    Our exterminators can also solve your problem with our caulking service, which involves blocking all openings in your home and cleaning and sanitizing any soiled areas.

    We adapt to your needs to provide a personalized service

    You can count on our experienced team to provide a professional, environmentally-friendly extermination service. We adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure that your home or business remains safe and pest-free!

    Contact our specialists in Trois-Rivières today for all your pest control needs.

    Our extermination service retains the value of your home

    Your home is an investment, but its resale value could decrease due to the presence of bed bugs, large carpenter ants, wasp nests or any other pests in your attic or yard.

    If you live in Trois-Rivières and are frequently disturbed by raccoons, rodents, spiders, birds or other pests, contact Elite Pest Control to solve this issue.

    We are one of the only extermination companies in Quebec to offer a decontamination and disinfection service.

    Why exterminators are important in Trois-Rivières

    There are many tips and tricks available on the web on how to exterminate raccoons and bats. However, only a professional exterminator knows how to eradicate an infestation once and for all and seal all openings that could be a potential entry point for pests.

    Do you live on the North Shore of Montreal and have an infestation in your home or business? Contact our team of exterminators immediately.

    Not from Trois-Rivières? Elite Pest Control can still help you

    Not living in the North-East of Montreal? No problem, we can intervene anywhere on the island and throughout the province of Quebec, including the following cities:

    If you want to know more about the services offered by Elite Pest Control in Trois-Rivières or make an appointment for our pest extermination service, please contact us now!