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We also understand that some of our clients may feel uncomfortable stating publicly that they’ve used an extermination service; that’s why some of the reviews appear without a link to the original comments.

Here are some of the corporate clients we’ve worked with:

Our client’s testimonials

  • I had bed bugs in my five rental apartments. Elite Extermination were always present for after-sale service, because my tenants don’t always follow the post-treatment instructions. They never hesitated to return, even several times, without charging extra fees. See this comment on Google+

    Francine Paquet, Trois-Rivières
  • Thank you for your excellent professional service! Your after-sale service is excellent. The preventive measures you take every year work wonders. The results are way beyond our expectations. It’s reassuring to know that you are professionals who know all about vermin and which products to use. Nothing can get past you!

    Sonia, Terrebonne
  • We had very good service. Technicians inspired confidence. See this comment on Facebook

    Hélène, Laval
  • A big thank-you for your excellent service, honesty, speed and courtesy! I’ll spread the word to colleagues, friends and family, without any hesitation. See this comment on Facebook  

    Alka, Aylmer
  • An honest professional and nice person, and on top of that he can get rid of bugs—wow. See this comment on Facebook

    François, L’Assomption
  • Professional service at a very affordable price. They took care of my problem fast!! THANK YOU See this comment on Facebook  

    Kate, Repentigny
  • I brought in Elite for bed bug treatment in my five-unit apartment block. They give excellent service that’s fast and effective and they’re always available for follow-up after treatments. Always very personable. See this comment on Facebook  

  • Bye-bye deer mice! Thank-you to Elite Extermination for taking care of my growing problem on the first try. You were patient and professional in explaining to me the problem and how we should solve it. Excellent team, very nice, pleasant to do business with you.  

    Jérémie Houle, Terrebonne
  • I just wanted to heartily thank the technician who came to do a bed bug treatment at my house! Without him, I never could have dealt with this. Good thing he was patient, because I had a lot of questions…I would never have known what to do and he was ready to answer all my questions…this is an excellent company, clean, effective and very, very reliable. I would recommend them to anybody Many thank-you’s for everything! See this comment on Google+  

    Jennifer Ayoub, Gatineau
  • I am completely satisfied with the results of the treatment I asked for…my problem was fixed and at last, a company that honours their guarantee! Thank you!  

    Genevieve, L’Assomption
  • I had an ant problem in the house and they took care of it fast! I’ve never had any further problems by following the preventive treatments that they suggested.  

    Korinne Foucher
  • Thanks guys for your excellent service. You’re sure not afraid of a big wasps nest…  

    Gilles, Montreal
  • Hello, just a few words to highlight the quality work done at my home in Rawdon by Mr. Daniel Bisson. I’m very satisfied with his efforts and with the service and professionalism of your company.  

    Marino Tremblay, Rawdon
  • Thank you again for the excellent service… Very, very professional. Thanks for your precious help..  

    Mrs. Tessier, Gatineau
  • Excellent service, thanks for the detailed monthly reports on my 32 apartment rental units. This way I can follow up and target the most problematic apartments and give recommendations to my tenants. Finally, I have a solid strategy to deal with my cockroach and bed bug problems once and for all. I’m confident your follow-up service will prevent similar re-infestations.  

    Walter, Montreal
  • Only place I will use!! They are the best in keeping the spiders away in Montreal! Thank you!  

    Anna Levens, Montreal
  • Your company did an awesome job getting rid of the wasps at my parents’ house in Ottawa. Will definitely use you guys again if we come across another issue.  

    Shelby Jones, Ottawa

Do you treat all around the outside of my house?

Our goal is to target the pheromones and the active members of an insect colony, as well as their entry points. We don’t apply chemical products indiscriminately; in fact, many companies who do so have to dilute the concentration of their pesticide to save wastage and costs. Unlike them, we focus our treatment on specific areas with a product approved by Health Canada. And if you have a special request or a particular place where you’d like us to spray, we will be happy to do that as well.

How long should I wait before washing my windows after outdoor spraying?

We recommend waiting 24 hours, after which you can wash or rinse your windows with a hose or pressure washer.

Should I continue annual exterior spraying beyond two years?

A preventive treatment helps you avoid unforeseen events and rises in insect populations that we can’t control. An infestation problem can occur even if there is no visible nest on your land. In fact, a colony often originates on a neighbour’s property and migrates to your home.

Following an ant-control treatment, is it normal to still see live ants?

Yes! During the actual pest-control intervention, some ants will be exterminated, but keep in mind that our goal is to eliminate the hidden colony. For that, we need live ants to carry the pesticide to the others at the nest. Our approach and timing are calculated very carefully; if we drown the visible ants in poison, the colony will perceive that there is a problem and evacuate the nest. We don’t want the colony to simply move from one place to another in your home. With our approach, all the ants will eventually die after encountering the pest-control products we apply.

Can I apply a pesticide myself, or should I deal with a pest control service?

There are many ready-to-use pesticides on the market, but by working with a certified extermination specialist, you’re guaranteed that the treatment will be suitable and effective. Elite Extermination technicians can identify the exact kind of insect and carry out a treatment using the correct dosages to solve the problem. For best results, you should work with a professional pest-control exterminator.

Does rain altar the effectiveness of an outdoor spray treatment?

The pesticide we use for outside application in summer is designed to be effective despite rain, and it can even be sprayed during a rainfall. That is because the active part of the product is micro-encapsulated to have a residual effect regardless of weather conditions.

Does the pesticide you use work for all types of ants?

Our Elite Extermination technicians use products that act effectively on all ants. However, it is important to differentiate the species so we can choose the best extermination approach. As an example, the application method we use for carpenter ants isn’t the same as the one for pharaoh ants.

Are the pesticides you use harmful for my family and pets?

Reputable pest-control companies follow the strictest industry standards for the treatment of pest insects in your home, whether the goal is to get rid of ants or bed bugs. Elite Extermination is certified by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Action against Climate Change, and for the safety of all people and pets living in your home, we only use approved pesticides.

Why do I need to make a post-dated payment before you carry out seasonal spray treatment?

Your payment will not be cashed before the date recorded on your annual renewal notice. This commitment allows us to plan our treatment schedule in advance and to confirm your place early in the season. It also lets us prolong your guarantee as of the date of payment.

Why do you recommended spraying outside my house every year?

It’s wise to carry out a treatment every year to reduce the active insect population bordering your property. An ant colony and its satellite nests can spread across property lines and move quickly and quietly into your yard and home. Regular preventive treatments by Elite Extermination allow you to maintain the value of your property over time.

After a pest control treatment, is it normal to still see live specimens?

Yes, it is possible that some insects can get in your house and that you still observe signs of their presence. However, they will die after coming into contact with the pest-control products we apply.

Are your vehicles discreet?

Out of respect for your privacy, our certified exterminator technicians use unmarked vehicles to visit your home or business. Our company’s mission is based on protection and prevention; that’s why all our vehicles are organized and equipped so every technician can respond to a call rapidly and effectively.