Here is practical information on pests , rodents and wild animals.


Bats extermination

Mole Extermination

Mole extermination Contact us 514-791-8385 Mole Extermination in Montreal and Throughout Quebec With over 10 years' experience, Elite Pest Control is recognized for setting the standard for pest control in Montreal and throughout Quebec. Our extensive experience means we know pest behaviors inside and out, so we can continually improve our mole extermination methods. No [...]

Mouse extermination

Pigeon Extermination

PIGEON EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US Pigeon control and removal You might not think about pigeons or doves much until they become a problem on your balcony or in the rafters of your carport. Pigeons and other nuisance birds reproduce quickly, make noise, foul up your surroundings with their droppings and carry disease-causing germs. When they do come [...]

Possum control

POSSUM CONTROL AND REMOVAL CONTACT US Hire our possum control experts Have you spotted a possum in your garden? If you notice it often, chances are it has built its nest somewhere in your yard. Otherwise, it's just looking for food. You may also have a possum in your attic or basement, which can cause [...]

Raccoon Extermination

Raccoon removal Contact us 514-791-8385 Elite Pest Control Raccoon exterminators in Montreal and everywhere in Quebec Located in Montreal but serving the entire province of Quebec, our company offers pest control services to anyone who needs to get rid of pests such as raccoons. Thanks to our expertise in the most effective methods and our [...]

Rats extermination

Seagull control

SEAGULL CONTROL CONTACT US Elite Pest Control helps you get rid of seagulls Are you being overrun by seagulls? In addition to being noisy, causing damage and dirtying your surroundings, these harmful birds can transmit serious diseases. Getting rid of them can be very difficult, especially if your establishment is a great source of food [...]

Shrew Extermination

Shrew extermination Contact us 514-791-8385 Shrew Exterminators in Montreal and Across Quebec With over 10 years' experience, Elite Pest Control is a recognized leader in shrew pest control in Montreal and throughout Quebec. We constantly refine our shrew extermination methods by relying on in-depth knowledge of the behavior of these small insectivorous mammals. For shrew [...]

Squirrel extermination

Squirrel extermination Contact us 514-791-8385 Squirrel Exterminators in Montreal and across Quebec For over a decade, Elite Pest Control has been setting the standard for pest control in Montreal and throughout Quebec. All this experience means that we know pest behaviors inside and out! Even now, we continue to build on our knowledge and improve [...]

Starling Extermination

STARLINGS REMOVAL CONTACT US Getting rid of starlings with a bird control service Have you been noticing an ever-growing flock of little birds in your yard? These black-and-white speckled starlings are crowding your lawn because they love the insects and larvae they find there. Sometimes you might get lucky, and they’ll find another place to [...]

Vole Extermination

Vole extermination Contact us 514-791-8385 Vole Extermination in Montreal and across Quebec For over 10 years, Elite Pest Control has been a recognized leader in pest control in Montreal and across Quebec. We rely on our extensive experience in vole extermination to help rescue your green space from these pesky rodents. If you’re facing a [...]


Bed bug Extermination

BED BUG EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US Bed bug exterminator in Montreal Bed bugs aren’t discriminatory: they’re just as happy infesting the fanciest hotels of Montreal and Laval as they are in less-reputable apartments. These bugs feed on human blood, and they don’t care where it comes from or how much money it earns. Here are our tips [...]

Bee Extermination

BEE EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US Bee exterminator service Do you want to know how to identify which kind of bee is swarming around your house? Would you like to find out whether a bee exterminator is necessary? Keep reading. Here on our Elite Pest Control bee page, you’ll find tips and advice on how to identify which [...]

Carpenter ants Extermination

CARPENTER ANTS EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Carpenter Ant Control Service Professional Ant Exterminators in Quebec Do you suspect you have an ant infestation problem in your home? Don't panic! Our carpenter ant control experts can help you get rid of the intruders. Below you will find some basic information on this insect and some of the [...]

Centipede Extermination

CENTIPEDE EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Centipede control tips from the experts If you’re seeing wispy creepy crawlers in your basement or skittering over the soil of your potted plants, it’s time to implement a few centipede control measures. Although they’re not harmful to humans, the presence of these arthropods is a sign that there are moisture [...]

Cockroach Extermination

COCKROACH EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Our cockroach extermination services and tips Are you finding cockroaches in your house or apartment and don’t know what to do? To carry out a successful cockroach extermination, you’ll need to put in place a careful plan that includes an effective treatment and preventive measures. Elite Pest Control can help you [...]

Common Ant Extermination

COMMON ANTS EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Ant removal by a professional pest control technician If you’d like to know how to get rid of ants in your home, look no further. Elite Pest Control is a Quebec company that has extensive expertise in ant removal. When one of our exterminators visits your home, he or she [...]

Drain Fly Extermination

DRAIN FLY EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Drain fly extermination If you’re seeing many small, moth-like flies in your bathroom, basement or kitchen, you may have an infestation of drain flies. Known also as moth flies, sink flies or sewer gnats, these little insects are not only a nuisance, but they’re a sure sign that your drains [...]

Earwig Extermination

EARWIG EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Earwig control for your home and yard Are you noticing more and more earwigs in your home this season? Would you like to know how to get rid of them and how to keep them out of your home for good? You’re not alone. We receive a lot of requests for [...]

Flea Exterminator

FLEA EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US Flea extermination for a healthy home If your pet is scratching itself incessantly, it may have fleas—if so, you’ll need to move into action fast. Elite Pest Control has the know-how to help you identify the problem and carry out a flea extermination that will keep your home flea-free. Signs of a [...]

Fruit fly Extermination

FRUIT FLY EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US Is fruit fly extermination possible? Your kitchen has been invaded by tiny fruit flies and you don’t know what to do about it? Let our pest management experts share a few tips and tricks with you so you can win the battle against these flying insects. If that’s not enough, you [...]

Green Fly Extermination

GREENFLY EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US How to get rid of your green bottle fly problems Do you want to know why you suddenly have a green fly problem in your home? Are you wondering if hiring an exterminator is going to be necessary? The following tips and information from Elite Pest Control’s experts will help you decide [...]

Hornet Extermination

HORNET EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US Elite Pest Control, your hornet extermination experts Even though they’re somewhat less common than wasps, hornets can still make your barbecues and summer activities a nightmare. Read on to learn the top hornet extermination and nest removal tips from the Elite Pest Control team, as well as how to identify them, keep [...]

Indian meal moth Extermination

INDIAN MEAL MOTH EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US Pantry moth control and prevention Indian meal moths (also known as pantry moths or weevil moths) can quickly devastate the dry sweets and staples on the shelves of homes, stores, restaurants and food processing plants. Their legacy is a mess of unusable products and contaminated pantry shelves. What to do? [...]

Larder beetles Extermination

LARDER BEETLE EXTERMINATION CONTACT US How to deal with a larder beetle infestation in the house Dermestes lardarius, known as the larder beetle here in Canada, is an invasive insect. While it’s not harmful to humans, the larvae and shed skins from moulting can cause allergies in some people. That’s why we consider it important [...]

Pharaoh ant extermination

PHARAOH ANT EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Pharaoh Ant Extermination Service Pharaoh Ant Control in Quebec Pharaoh ant exterminators will be the first to tell you: this species is the most difficult to eliminate during an infestation. This is why it's essential to get the help of pest control professionals if you think you have a pharaoh [...]

Powderpost beetle Extermination

POWDERPOST BEETLE EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US The powderpost beetle extermination and prevention If you’ve noticed little round holes in your wooden furniture, door posts or baseboards, it’s time to get serious about the possibility of a wood-boring beetle infestation. Let Elite’s pest-control experts give you some solid tips on powderpost beetle extermination and prevention. What exactly are [...]

Silverfish Extermination

SILVERFISH EXTERMINATIONCONTACT US The first step in silverfish extermination: control your humidity levels Although silverfish themselves aren’t harmful, their presence in the house is rather troublesome and it can cause damage, especially if the problem grows. This nocturnal insect proliferates in warm, humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. That’s why the control and prevention [...]

Spider extermination

SPIDER EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Spider extermination made easy by Elite Pest Control Several species of spider are commonly found in Quebec. And while they are all important to the ecosystem, that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with finding a massive spider nest that will soon release hundreds of baby spiders into your environment. [...]

Wasp extermination

WASP EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Have wasps built a nest near your house? Call a wasp exterminator From May onward, the wasp queen is busy hatching the larvae that will become her future workers. Soon, there will be hundreds, or even thousands, of workers to go out in search for food, both for the queen and [...]

Weevil Extermination

WEEVILS EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Weevil extermination and control Have you experienced the disappointment of reaching for a bag of rice, only to realize it’s full of larvae or flying insects? At Elite Pest Control, we’re clear about how to avoid this: it’s best to prevent the problem before you even have to think about a [...]

Woodlouse Extermination

WOODLOUSE EXTERMINATION CONTACT US Woodlouse identification and treatment The woodlouse, also called “sow bug” or “wood bug”, is likely a regular visitor in your garden and on your deck. And although the presence of woodlice may be disturbing if they make their way into your basement, it’s not necessary to use pesticides to get rid [...]