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    Moles fact sheet

    Although their underground lifestyle makes them secretive, moles can still damage a garden or green space. The first step in dealing with a mole problem is to make sure these pests are actually present.

    Moles: Traits and signs

    • Traits: Moles have a soft, dense coat, which is usually dark gray or black. They have large, digging forelegs and can weigh between 70 and 120 g. Their eyes are very small and their ears are barely visible.
    • Signs a mole is present: A mole leaves behind mounds of earth (molehills) as it digs underground tunnels, which can also damage the roots of plants. They may also dig holes in your lawn.

    General information about moles

    • Family: The mole is a mammal and insectivore belonging to the Talpidae family.
    • Lifespan: On average, a mole can live up to 3 to 5 years in the wild.
    • Diet: As an insectivore, moles feed on worms, larvae and other small insects.
    • Habitat: Moles prefer loose, damp soil of the type found in gardens, meadows and forests. They dig networks of underground tunnels where they hide.

    Moles of Quebec

    • Hairy-tailed mole: This is the most common species in Quebec, and can be found in many cities, including Longueuil, Trois-Rivières, Laval and Repentigny.
    • Star-nosed mole: Recognized by its unique star-shaped snout, this mole is also found in Quebec, though more rarely.

    Mole habits and behaviors

    • Sociability: Moles are generally solitary animals.
    • Gestation: Females generally give birth to one litter per year, with 3 to 5 young per litter.
    • Health risks: Moles are generally harmless to humans, but their underground activities can cause significant damage to gardens and green spaces.

    Why intervene when moles are active on your property?

    For some, the presence of moles can conjure up an image of a naturally busy garden. For others, these underground diggers can be a source of concern because they disrupt a well-planned green space.

    Whatever your point-of-view, there’s no denying that moles can be an inconvenience when they burrow in your garden. If you find yourself facing a mole infestation, turn to our professional mole exterminators!

    Disturbances caused by moles

    Whether by digging tunnels, hunting or simply moving around, moles can significantly alter the appearance and structure of your property.

    Damage caused by molehills

    Moles are impressive diggers, and their underground efforts produce mounds of earth called molehills. These can not only make a mess in your garden, but also damage plant roots and your lawn.

    Disruption of the garden ecosystem

    Like many other wild animals found in Quebec, moles are constantly on the lookout for food. Moles actually consume large quantities of insects that would otherwise be beneficial to the soil. This can lead to an imbalance in your garden’s ecosystem which could in turn affect its health and productivity.

    In the face of this type of disruption, we strongly advise you to call in a specialized exterminator who can effectively manage the presence of pest moles.


    How can you tell if you have moles on your property?

    By quickly identifying the presence of moles in your yard, you can prevent major damage to your green space. The experts at Elite Pest Control suggest looking out for the following signs of mole activity:

    • Mounds of freshly turned soil, called molehills
    • Underground tunnels that are visible on the surface of the soil
    • Collapsed or damaged lawns
    • Sudden wilting of plants due to damaged roots
    • Traces of tunnels in flower beds or vegetable gardens.

    If you see any of these signs or suspect mole activity, our team of Montreal exterminators is at your service! As members of the Canadian Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association, our technicians are ready to help anyone in the Greater Montreal area or throughout the province of Quebec.

    Need help dealing with mole in your home?

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    How to get moles out of your yard

    Moles can disrupt the appearance and health of your green space. It’s important to detect mole activity as early as possible, so that appropriate measures can be taken. But keep in mind that not all extermination methods are equal, and some won’t work at all if used incorrectly.

    Whether you don’t see satisfactory results with your initial efforts or you prefer to rely on the expertise of our technicians, we’re here to help you eliminate moles for good.

    We are experts in using environmentally friendly methods to identify and capture moles, and prevent a recurrence of mole infestations.

    Preventive measures

    Although moles are mainly found underground, they can also cause visible surface damage. Preventive measures are essential. Inspect your garden regularly for the first signs of mole activity and consider using natural solutions to deter them. Also make sure your garden is well maintained to make the area less attractive to moles.

    Mole repellents and traps

    Whether with catch-and-release traps, natural repellents or ultrasonic devices, there are several possible ways to keep moles at bay. However, you need to use these methods correctly for them to work, and to keep your yard intact. And if mole activity persists, these techniques may not be enough. When you call on our professionals, you’ll benefit from a professional intervention that incorporates specialized tools and proven strategies for managing moles.

    Post-infestation restoration

    After dealing with mole activity, affected areas often need to be refurbished to repair visible damage or underground tunnelling and bring your yard back to its previous health and appearance.

    At Elite Pest Control, we are licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) to carry out all types of work related to protecting your yard from moles and doing repairs following a mole infestation.

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