Pigeon control and removal

You might not think about pigeons or doves much until they become a problem on your balcony or in the rafters of your carport. Pigeons and other nuisance birds reproduce quickly, make noise, foul up your surroundings with their droppings and carry disease-causing germs. When they do come to your attention at your home or place of business, it’s time to consider a professional pigeon removal service.

Pigeon identification

Columba livia domestica, or the city pigeon, has a small neck and short, narrow beak. The head and neck are dark gray, while the lower back is white. The paler gray wings feature two distinctive black bars. An adult bird typically measures between 32 and 37 cm in length.

The pigeons commonly found in Quebec live in colonies, with anywhere from five to a hundred individuals roosting in proximity. They congregate near easy food sources, including agricultural zones, food processing plants, warehouses, city parks, storefronts and even suburban apartment buildings. The city of Montreal knows the deal: it’s currently forbidden to feed wild pigeons in parks and public spaces.

Are pigeons a health hazard?

Pigeons can carry pathogens that cause respiratory difficulties and bacterial illnesses. People with weakened immune systems, such as those with cancer or AIDS, are especially vulnerable. Pigeons and doves also carry parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites. Visit our pigeon decontamination page to learn more.

Bird excrement in building ventilation systems is also a danger, as residents or employees can breathe in toxic spores from the bird waste. That is why Elite Pest Control takes commercial bird exclusion and decontamination very seriously.

Damage caused by pigeons

For city dwellers and suburbanites alike, pigeons and doves are a real headache. Here is why it’s important to control their numbers:

  1. Acidic pigeon excrement can discolour, corrode or otherwise affect:
  • Automobile paint
  • Tar-based roofing materials
  • Awnings
  • Metal railings
  • Stone buildings and statues
  1. Their nests can block and cause residual damage to:
  • Drain pipes
  • Gutters
  • Ventilation systems
  • Electricals systems (danger of fire)
  1. Business owners dread pigeons because they:
  • Contaminate food production lines
  • Leave corrosive droppings on stored goods inside warehouses
  • Ruin factory roofs and rafters, which can even collapse under the weight of the waste
  • Steal food from restaurant customers and raid garbage cans

For business owners, store managers and park caretakers, wild bird poop poses a constant challenge. It stains stored inventory, and it makes storefronts and public areas look dirty and unkempt.

Pigeon control do’s and don’ts

Apartment and condo dwellers often find themselves in a desperate battle with pigeons for the use of their balconies. Bird excrement is not only unsightly, but it quickly renders patio furniture unusable. Worse, because of the health dangers that come with it, simply hosing it off with water isn’t a safe option.


  • Feed pigeons
  • Leave food waste out
  • Leave garbage cans uncovered
  • Touch baby pigeons
  • Move a pigeon nest



  • Triple your chances of success by hiring a professional pest control company
  • Ask your technician about the most effective physical deterrents (wire mesh, netting, pigeon spikes, industrial gel repellents, ultrasound emitters and flickering lights)
  • Inquire about chemical deterrents that make the birds sick and move to another location
  • Request the capture and removal of wild birds when appropriate

Contact Elite Pest Control today for quick action on pigeon prevention, exclusion and removal. One of our certified technicians will be happy to give you hope for a positive outcome.

How to protect car paint from pigeon droppings

Did you know that it’s not the acid in pigeon droppings that wrecks your car paint, but rather the contraction of the paint around the splash? As a car’s paint warms and cools with temperature fluctuations throughout the day, the laquer moulds itself around drops of bird excrement. The result is a disruption in the smooth finish of the paint job and a dull, textured spot.

How to prevent the damage? Drape your car with a cover or park it in a closed garage. Keep your car waxed and polished; this makes it easier to remove bird waste. Most important, wash away bird droppings immediately so the car’s paint doesn’t have a chance to soften and re-harden around the splash.

The best way to get rid of pigeons is to bring in an extermination company that knows its stuff. Elite Pest Control’s wildlife control technicians are schooled and trained by experts in the field so they can offer the most effective deterrents and removal service in your area. Please visit our locations page to find a branch near you.