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    Vole fact sheet

    Although often hard to spot, voles can nonetheless impact your garden or green space. To control vole activity, you first need to identify these small creatures correctly.

    Vole traits and signs

    • Traits: Voles have a furry coat that varies in color from brown to gray. They are small and generally weigh between 20 and 50g, though some species can be heavier. They have prominent eyes and a rounded snout.
    • Signs: Voles create small, open paths through vegetation and make holes in the ground. Thay can also damage plant roots and stems.

    Vole general information

    • Family: The vole is a small rodent mammal belonging to the Cricetidae
    • Lifespan: On average, a vole can live from 1 to 3 years in the wild.
    • Diet: Voles are herbivores that feed mainly on plants, seeds and occasionally small insects.
    • Habitat: Voles can survive in a variety of environments, including meadows, fields and gardens, where they dig underground tunnels.

    Vole species found in Quebec

    • Field Vole: This is the most common vole species in Quebec. They are found in many regions, including Montreal, Quebec City, Repentigny and Trois-Rivières.
    • Woodland vole: Less common than the field vole, this species is also present in Quebec. It tends to prefer forested landscapes.

    Vole behavior

    • Sociability: Voles are generally solitary animals, except during the breeding season.
    • Gestation: Female voles can have several litters a year, with each litter producing 3 to 6 young.
    • Health risks: Voles are generally harmless to humans, but their activity can damage crops and gardens.

    Why intervene when voles are present?

    The presence of voles can indicate normal ecological activity in a garden. However, these rodents can become a source of concern if they actively damage plants and their roots.

    If this becomes a problem, it may be time to consider ecological and environmentally-friendly vole pest control methods.

    Impact of vole activity

    Vole digging and feeding activities can have a considerable impact on the appearance and structure of your garden.

    Effects on garden structure

    By gnawing on plant roots and stems, voles can cause both visible and underground damage. These activities can make your garden look messy and seriously affect plant growth and health.

    Impact on the garden ecosystem

    These common Quebec rodents tend to feed on young plants and seeds, which can affect the diversity of your garden and upset the ecological balance of your green space.

    If vole activity is beginning to take a toll on your garden, it’s possible to take appropriate, environmentally friendly pest control measures and restore a healthy balance.


    How to spot voles

    Quickly identifying the presence of voles in your garden makes it easier to take action and protect your green space. The experts at Elite Pest Control recommend looking for the following signs:

    • Small holes in the soil, often located near structures or vegetation
    • Traces of tunnelling on the soil surface, particularly in areas of fine grass or leaf beds
    • Areas of the garden where vegetation is damaged
    • Plants with gnawed roots or damaged young shoots
    • Frequent vole sightings, especially during the day.

    If you notice any of he above, or suspect vole activity for some other reason, our team of pest control experts in Montreal is ready to help. As members of the Canadian Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association, our technicians are qualified to work in the Greater Montreal area and throughout the province of Quebec.

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    How to get rid of voles

    The presence of voles in your garden can upset the ecological balance. Detecting voles early on will allow you to take appropriate measures. However, not all methods are created equal, and some will not work at all if not used correctly.

    If your first attempts don’t produce the expected results, or if you’d like to benefit from the expertise of professional pest control technicians, we’re here to help! We can implement environmentally friendly vole identification, extermination and prevention techniques.

    Preventive measures

    The best way to protect your garden from voles is to deter them with preventive measures. Inspect your garden regularly for signs of vole activity, and consider natural solutions to keep them away. Keep your garden well tended, too, so there are fewer wild areas for these rodents to explore.

    Repellents and pest control methods

    You can rely on natural repellents and gentle pest control methods to help keep voles away without upsetting the balance of your garden. Just remember that these must be used correctly to be effective. If vole activity persists, you may need to turn to proefssional intervention.

    Restoration services

    After getting rid of voles, you may still need to repair your garden from the effects of tunnelling and foraging.

    At Elite Pest Control, we offer full post-intervention services following disruptions by vole activity. Our team is licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) to carry out all restorative work after a vole pest control intervention.

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