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Raccoons may be cute to watch on television, but not so much when they leave your garbage scattered all over your garden. Often carrying diseases or parasites that can be transmitted to humans or pets, the presence of these wild animals is generally bad news.

The good news is that humane techniques can be used to keep raccoons away from your home.

Protect your garbage from raccoons

The first piece of advice that can be applied to prevent raccoons from visiting your home is to pay special attention to your garbage. Essentially, raccoons have no reason to leave if they are constantly being fed, despite your best intentions.

To get started, find a metal bin, a few rubber bands and a heavy concrete block. Whenever you take out the garbage, place it in the bin, close the lid tightly, secure it with the elastic bands and place the concrete block on top. This should be enough to prevent raccoons from using your garbage.

Make sure there is no food available in your garden

If your garden is devoid of any food source, raccoons will have no reason to roam your property. This is why you must make sure that no pet food is left outside. If you own fruit trees, be sure to remove the ripe fruits that accumulate on the ground. These can give off odors that will quickly attract unwanted visitors.

Take precautions with bird feeders as well. If you can, bring them indoors in the evening or install a mechanism that will prevent the raccoons from gaining access.

Do not make them feel welcome

Installing a fence is a great way to control raccoons. However, since they are great climbers, you may need to electrify the fence to be fully effective.

You will also want to get rid of any pile of wood or leaves that could be used as shelter for the raccoons. Likewise, make sure your shed or garage has no openings that could allow pests to break in. These prevention measures can be effective.

Use techniques that will scare off raccoons

Certain devices designed to scare off raccoons can be an interesting addition to an extermination strategy. The biggest problem with this kind of tactic is that raccoons are pretty smart and realize fairly quickly that these methods cannot really hurt them, making them become useless. The best thing you can do in this situation is change the devices regularly so that the raccoons have no time to get used to them.

There are a variety of motion-activated products that you can use, including projectors, radios, sprinklers, and ultrasonic noise transmitters.

Get help keeping raccoons away

If you have given these strategies a try but still struggle with raccoons on your property, do not lose hope. The Elite Pest Control team can come to the rescue and support you in the fight against unwelcome animals. Our skilled technicians take a humane approach and release the specimens collected back into the wild, far from your home. Contact us and quickly find your peace of mind.