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Be it as a consequence of them accidentally wandering in or being carried in by a stray gust of wind, it is only normal to discover insects in our homes. However, it is equally normal to find this highly irritating, especially when that pesky fly won’t stop buzzing at night as you attempt to fall asleep. As highly toxic chemical repellents can be an undesirable option, many people favour natural alternatives to keeping their home environments pest-free.


As there is no denying that chemical repellents are highly effective, it can be a bit of a task to find a natural replacement that has the same effect. We’ve put our heads together to come up with our top 5 tips for keeping your home pest-free, the natural way:

Cultivate your own herbs

Whilst this is a great means of adding flavour to your home cooking, various herbs also have built-in insect repelling properties. Make your own sachets from mint, tansy, lavender, basil and rosemary and enjoy a fly-free environment.

Think lemon

For those who find themselves plagued by mosquitos, consider keeping Lemongrass, Lemon-scented Pelargoniums or Lemon Balm in pots on your patio. You’ll soon find yourself with a peaceful, pest-free atmosphere in which to enjoy your al-fresco summer dinners!

Take precautionary measures

Take care to keep all food containers packaged thoroughly and stored away, eliminating sources that might attract bugs such as ants. Equally, scan the room for any possible ways for bugs to access the room and seal any opening thoroughly.

Store trash properly

A perfect way to attract any and every type of insect is to omit changing your bins frequently. Ensure a strict routine when it comes to your housekeeping, and you will eliminate one of the main causes of insect presence in homes.

Encourage natural predators

Don’t forget that the rest of nature is also on your side: setting up bird feeders can be a great way to attract them to your surroundings, and eat up some of the pests that would otherwise plague your home! By taking this route, you also enjoy the additional good karma of helping your local wildlife scene.

These natural methods can all be excellent ways of keeping your home pest-free, but sometimes our best efforts still aren’t enough to keep nature at bay. Should you find yourself overwhelmed by an insect invasion, there is always help close at hand with reputable services such as Elite Pest Control readily available. Trust in a breadth of knowledge and a promise of efficiency, and enjoy a peaceful, pest-free home environment.