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Ants are absolutely fascinating with their ability to organize into colonies and the vital role they play in their ecosystem, making them one of the most remarkable families of insects.

However, they immediately lose their appeal when they infest our homes. Some species cause more damage than others, but none are welcome in your house. Why are ants attracted to your home? Knowing the main causes of infestation will help you avoid them.

Food sources: one of the main causes of ant infestation

As you might have guessed, ants have to leave their nests in search of food. As omnivores, they can be attracted to anything you eat, so your home is a real goldmine for them. Honey, syrup, jam, or any other sweet food is particularly attractive to ants.

Storing your food in well-sealed containers and making an effort to clean up spills and crumbs will help reduce the risk of an ant infestation.

Ants also need to stay hydrated: your plumbing could be the cause of the infestation.

Like all living things, ants need water to survive. If you have moisture problems, or your taps or pipes leak, ants may be attracted to your home to quench their thirst. Solve all your moisture and plumbing problems and you’ll kill two birds with one stone by avoiding attracting ants and other pests.

Your indoor plants and flowers can attract ants

The scent of your indoor flowers and the humidity of the soil they grow in are both very attractive to ants. Your plants are also attractive to aphids, an insect that produces a sweet substance that ants crave, called honeydew. If you have a green thumb, we recommend being extra vigilant to prevent infestations. Thoroughly inspect your plants from time to time to see if there are any undesirable insects hiding in them.

Nesting: a major cause of carpenter ant infestations

One species in particular, the carpenter ant, differs from its cousins in that it nests in damp or rotting wood, but also in the frames of houses and sheds. The damage caused by carpenter ants is much greater than other species, making their infestations all the more problematic. If you think you may have a problem with carpenter ants, contact an exterminator immediately.

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