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Ant infestations are difficult to manage. These creatures are so small that you quickly find yourself invaded without noticing them initially.

Although these insects mainly enter people’s homes in search of water and food, are ants in your home a danger to your house? We will explore this with you in this article.

The dangers of an ant infestation: your house at risk

Not all species of ant pose the same level of danger to your house. Carpenter ants are a risk because they are one of the most destructive species. Contrary to what their name suggests, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. However, they are known to dig holes in the structure of houses. This species of ant uses the holes it digs to form a vast network of interconnected tunnels that connect their different nests together.

Not all species of ant like to settle in your structure. Others are more interested in settling in your home’s insulation. Once they settle there, they have a nasty habit of tearing the insulation material, causing significant damage to your home, for the sole purpose of breeding.

Ants and health risks for residents

Most ants found in Canada are harmless. You should even be willing to tolerate them in your garden, since they love eating other insect pests. Nevertheless, some of them can sting, such as the red ant. Some people are even allergic to its venom. In this regard, the red ant poses a potential threat to the health of homeowners.

Similarly, the pharaoh ant is known to transmit pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella, streptococcus and staphylococcus. So be very careful if you find them in your cupboards or near your food.


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The efficacy of DIY extermination solutions

If you don’t use a professional extermination service to eradicate your ant infestation, you risk investing several hundred dollars in more or less effective products, including cheap ant baits and self-adhesive strips with limited effectiveness. Moreover, even if these over-the-counter solutions show produce relatively good results, you will still have to collect hundreds of ant bodies later.

Eliminate the dangers of an ant infestation in your house

If you find ants in your structure, pantry or anywhere else in your home, call a pest control service. You will find that this professional’s services are far from being an expense, but rather an investment.

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