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If you’ve had bats in your attic and managed to drive them away, you might think the problem is solved and your family is out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, the reality is quite the opposite.

For various reasons, it is important to completely decontaminate the attic, even if all the bats have left the premises. Find out why.

Health risks associated with having bats in your attic

Bats can present a number of health risks to a home’s inhabitants. Although bat infestations are located in the attic, residents may still be affected by their presence.

Allergens associated with bats

Bats are mammals, which means that their coat is regularly shed during moulting periods. The very small hairs that they lose spread through the air and can trigger allergies in sensitive people.

As for bat droppings, also called guano, they not only emit strong odours, but also contribute to the growth of mold. These histoplasma capsulatum fungi produce highly volatile spores which, in rare cases, can trigger an infectious lung disease called histoplasmosis. People with weaker immune systems are particularly vulnerable.

Bats: a carrier for rabies

Another threat that needs to be considered by homeowners who are victims of a bat infestation is that about one percent of the species are rabies carriers. Although this percentage may seem negligible, it only takes a single bite or scratch from an infected bat to transmit this sometimes-fatal disease.

Bringing pests along with them

Bats in your attic can also carry fleas, ticks and mites in their coat.

Protecting yourself from these pathogens

All these health risks will be present even once the infestation is under control. Evidently, it is strongly discouraged to clean the space yourself. This task is best delegated to a pest management company with the equipment required to safely dispose of the contaminated waste without spreading the pathogens in the air.

Bats can cause serious property damage

Although bats won’t dig or chew through walls and insulation like rodents do, their droppings can damage materials such as foam insulation and drywall. Because of its composition, guano can even cause corrosion, especially if it is present in large quantities.

Moreover, bat skin secretes an oil that can stain the attic walls. The entry points used will be especially soiled.

For a healthy and pest-free attic

In light of this information, you undoubtedly better understand why removing bats from your attic isn’t enough to solve an infestation problem and rediscover a 100% safe home. A decontamination strategy is strongly recommended.

Moreover, by trusting Elite Pest Control to decontaminate your attic, you are guaranteed a personalized service that is focused on your needs. You can even benefit from our advice and a prevention service that will keep bats from returning. Contact our team today!