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When you face a mouse infestation, the impulse is of course to get rid of it as soon as possible. In reality, the story doesn’t end there, since the extermination work is often followed by a decontamination of the area according to the situation. Indeed, the presence of mice in your home can affect the area’s cleanliness and have serious consequences on your health.

Find out what risks are associated with the presence of mice and why it is important to decontaminate the premises.

Risks associated with mouse excrement and urine

It is well known that rodents tend to live in a community and therefore leave a lot of urine and feces around their habitat. Once you have exterminated the intruders in your attic, it is very likely that traces of their waste can still be found, which can be a real problem for our health. Indeed, feces can lead to mold and fungus problems since they have an effect on your home’s humidity. This is when attic decontamination comes into play. This critical step eliminates all traces of excrement and urine.

In addition, mice can carry many diseases, bacteria, microbes and viruses, which are found in their excrement. Pathogens can spread in the air and cause respiratory problems. This is the case for the hantavirus, a contagious virus that is transmitted via inhalation of urine, excrement or saliva from mice. This virus can have very dire consequences for humans, especially with the appearance of symptoms such as haemorrhagic fever. This is why it is very dangerous to carry out a decontamination on your own. It is strongly recommended to use a team of professionals who have the appropriate equipment and procedures to decontaminate the premises.

Finally, decontamination helps deodorize the premises, since excrement and urine residue create foul odours that can quickly spread throughout your home.

Decontamination to prevent further infestation

In addition to being necessary for sanitary reasons, on-site decontamination is also important if you want to avoid a new infestation.

Essentially, mice tend to nest in places that are difficult to access. As a result, after the extermination stage, finding new nests is a common occurrence. Decontamination is therefore essential to ensure that no trace of their habitat is left behind. Moreover, if you are about to sell your home, a contaminated attic can scare away potential new buyers. Worse, this can be considered a hidden defect if the problem is not mentioned in the sales statement.

Energy losses and fire hazards

Small rodents tend to take advantage of all the openings your home offers. To facilitate their entry, they gnaw insulation materials and the vapor barrier, increasing the cost of heating and/or air conditioning. This significant energy loss can be costly if the problem is not addressed.

But mice don’t simply stop at insulation materials. Electrical equipment is therefore a potential source of danger for your home and the cause of many fires.

As such, a mouse infestation in your attic should be taken seriously, especially to avoid the energy losses that it generates and the risks it carries for your family members.

Hire a professional service to get rid of mice in your attic

If you are facing a mouse infestation in your attic or you notice the presence of any animal or insect pest in your home, do not hesitate to call Elite Pest Control. A team of experienced professionals will know how to permanently rid your home of rodents. Contact us today for more information!