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In Quebec, having rodents in the house is a well-known reality for many homeowners. In Montreal alone, there are millions of mice and their spread is a real problem, especially during winter.

To protect themselves from the cold, these rodents infest homes and appear to have some favorite places to settle in, including the kitchen, the walls or even the attic. Attics are particularly loved by mice because humans are rarely present.

How do you get rid of mice in the attic? Here are 6 simple and effective tips from our mouse exterminators:

  1. Place traps in high activity areas
  2. Remove easy access routes such as branches and shrubs
  3. Keep your home as clean as possible
  4. Seal the entry points
  5. Decontaminate the attic
  6. Contact a professional extermination service

1. Place traps in high activity areas

This is probably the most important tip for getting rid of mice in your attic. Success depends on the type and location of your traps. Placing the right traps in the right places should help slow down the infestation, or even put an end to it if you are lucky.

The best way to find out where the mice go is to follow their droppings. Make sure you do this safely since pest droppings have associated health risks.

Mice are cautious animals. You must make sure you cover a large enough area with traps. Place them where they are likely to pass, i.e. along the walls and in the corners of the attic to maximize your chances of success.

Check your traps regularly

Given how agile mice can be, it is not surprising that some avoid or trigger the traps without getting caught. You should check your traps regularly, around once a day, to see if your efforts are paying off.

Most importantly, regular checks will allow you to put the traps back in place if necessary. If they work, you can safely dispose of the dead mice.

2. Trim the trees and shrubs near your home

Mice are known for their ability to climb and jump far, up to about two metres. Cutting down tree branches and overgrown shrubs near the house will make it much harder for mice to get into your attic.

This work will only take a few minutes and will also get rid of hiding places that can be used by other pests. Two birds with one stone!

3. Keep food tightly sealed and clean up crumbs

Keeping your home clean is one of the best ways to keep mice away from your house. It is therefore a preventative rather than permanent solution, but it is still effective. Properly storing your food and not leaving it out in the open will eliminate any food source that might attract mice.

Since these rodents can survive on 3 grams of food per day, make sure that even crumbs or small spills are cleaned up immediately.

4. Find and seal all attic entry points

Inspect your entire house or building and find all the holes and open gaps at ground and roof level that mice could use to enter. This may include vents, openings in the eaves, roof joints, worn door seals, missing bricks in the walls, etc. Mice can sneak into the tightest places. Watch out for tiny openings, since a quarter of an inch is enough for them to get through.

Using a durable and appropriate sealant, seal these holes to prevent mice from entering your home. Make sure that the sealant is rodent-resistant, as rodents can damage some of them and get through (ex. foam).

If you do not have the necessary equipment or prefer to have professionals take care of it, Elite Pest Control offers a pest control caulking service.

5. Decontaminate your attic after a mouse infestation

Things don’t end there, because the extermination work has to be followed by a decontamination. Even if the mice are a thing of the past, their temporary stay could still cause problems if you neglect to decontaminate your attic.

1. Prevent diseases found in mouse feces and urine

Rodents tend to live in communities and therefore leave a lot of urine and feces around their habitat. It is very likely that traces of their droppings are still around, which can be a serious risk to your health. Our pest decontamination service will sanitize the premises after the rodents have been exterminated.

2. Preventing a new infestation

Decontamination is also important for avoiding new infestations. Mice tend to nest in hard-to-reach places. After the extermination stage, it is not uncommon to find new nests. Decontamination is therefore essential to make sure that there are no remaining mice.

3. Preventing power losses and fire hazards

Mice attack insulating materials or electrical appliances to create a path into your home, which can result in major power loss and fire hazards.

For these 3 reasons, a mouse infestation in your attic needs to be taken seriously. Without decontamination, it can be dangerous for you and your family members.

6. Contact a professional service to get rid of pests in the attic

If you are dealing with a mouse infestation in your attic or spotted any animal or pests in your home, you may have noticed that there are ways to combat these pests. However, leaving this task to a pest extermination service remains the best way to put an end to the infestation, quickly and permanently.

The team of experienced professionals at Elite Pest Control will know how to get rid of mice and other rodents in your home permanently. Contact us today for more information!