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Given how much of an impact the colder months can have on our lives as humans, it can be a thing of awe and wonder to discover that certain insect species are capable of surviving the whole thing without the benefits of warm coats and central heating. As much as we might regret their renewed presence in our homes come springtime, it can also be interesting to investigate the precise mechanisms allowing them to survive the winter season without suffering a cold, sad demise.


So, how exactly do creatures as small and naturally frail as insects manage to avoid this fate? The odds would seem to be stacked against them: they are placed at an immediate disadvantage due to how they rely upon deriving heat from their external environments, as unlike mammals and birds, they are incapable of generating their own warmth within their bodies. Consequently, insects that survive the winter are either those who are able to freeze without dying in the process, or those who find heat by migrating (such as in the interesting case of the Monarch butterfly).


Come springtime, you are likely to see the return of a wide variety of insects that favour migration to warmer climates or to indoor conditions, such as flies, beetles and spiders. Ladybirds are particularly famed for retreating into peoples’ houses and piling up in nooks and crannies, so watch out for these come spring. Aquatic insects have a good freeze tolerance and can migrate to warmer depths, so you are also likely to see stoneflies, mayflies and dragonflies out and about.


Familiarising ourselves with these sophisticated processes can illuminate how it’s actually possible for a mass of insects to appear once the sun comes out – it can be easy to assume that they simply die out, and be a little confused about where they’re actually coming from! Indeed, this can be very frustrating for those who suddenly find themselves with an insect invasion on their hands.


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