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If you have just regained your peace of mind after spending a great deal of time and energy fighting a pest infestation, the last thing you want is to see the intruders reappear.

But does the fact that you have driven away pests, insects or wild animals for the first time guarantee that they will never come back?

Unfortunately, pests can return even after being exterminated

The answer to the initial question may disappoint some, but the reality is that it is indeed possible for pests to return, even if you are quite sure that none remain in your home.

The fact is, if the conditions that contribute to infestations remain prevalent in your home, the problem will reappear over and over again until you eliminate the true source of the problem. Otherwise, you are only superficially managing the situation.

However, if you do everything you can to eliminate the infestation at the source, you can reduce the chances of reliving this embarrassing situation to almost zero. If you are also open to seeking help from a qualified exterminator, they can develop a comprehensive and sustainable pest control strategy.

Pest control is only one part of a comprehensive pest control strategy

If you have succeeded in chasing away all the pests that bothered you, do not rejoice too quickly. Certain precautions must be taken to prevent them from coming back. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will be the victim of other infestations.

Changing some of your behaviours that attract insects and animals

If you are used to leaving food lying around or storing it in containers that are not completely airtight, it should come as no surprise if the pests you had disposed of eventually return.

The same is true when someone excessively collects objects (called Diogenes syndrome) and lives in a state of disorder. They won’t be able to ensure that their living environment is clean, which can encourage the return of certain insects, pests and rodents, even after they have been expelled for the first time.

It is also necessary to eliminate the conditions that promote infestations

If your home is an ideal living environment for pests, you shouldn’t be surprised when they keep coming back. For example, many insect pests need moisture to survive and reproduce. Drying up these areas is therefore important to make the building inhospitable to intruders. If you don’t take the time to eliminate such factors that promote infestations, they will probably return faster than you think.

Blocking entry points is an essential precaution to prevent pests

As the cold season approaches, it is only natural that animals will be attracted to the comfort and warmth that your home can provide. Most mice or rodents will try to find their way indoors in the fall. You may have chased them away, but they will come back if they have an entry point. This is why effective caulking can prevent several pest species from reappearing.

Eliminate any trace of previous infestation

Several species of the animal kingdom communicate through olfactory signals. When intruders invade your home, they leave behind specific odours that will attract other specimens of the same species. If you do not decontaminate the site after the extermination procedure, there is a good chance that other pests will be attracted by these odours.

Call Elite Pest Control to ensure that intruders don’t return.

As a result of this read, you no doubt understand that some precautions must be taken once you have rid yourself of an infestation, otherwise intruders are likely to return.

For total peace of mind, don’t hesitate to call the experienced technicians of Elite Pest Control. They can identify factors that increase the risk of infestation and eliminate them at the source, reducing the risk of pests returning to almost zero.