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There are many things that can damage a house. Water that seeps through the foundations is one of them. The annual attacks caused by snow and rain as well. The same goes for the sun, which can dry out roofing. But the worst threat facing homeowners is not the weather. It is a small black insect with many legs and about ¾ inches long: the carpenter ant. Let’s take a look at how a carpenter ant infestation occurs and the damage that goes along with it.

Before the damage caused by carpenter ants begins

When carpenter ants begin their invasion, you will not immediately notice that an infestation is developing in your area, since there will be no real damage. All you will notice is 2-3 scout ants come and snoop around to see if the place is right for them.

Ants settle in and begin their destruction

If their initial survey is successful, the ants will choose to settle in your home. At this point, you will notice the appearance of sawdust under the holes that lead to their tunnels. You may also notice dust in the house. It will generally be stuck to the walls, under the exit holes. You will also find dead ants in the vicinity. Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not literally eat wood. They chew it up and expel it to create pathways that lead to the nest.

The infestation becomes increasingly worrying

If no action is taken and the ant infestation continues, they will continue to excavate tunnels, and the structure of your home will weaken as their network expands into its framing. You will quickly notice that your doors do not open properly and your windows get stuck. Your floors and ceiling may even sag over time. This is the impact of the damage that ants can cause in your home.

Control the infestation and prevent carpenter ants from causing damage

Carpenter ants are not as destructive as termites. However, as we have just explained, they can cause harmful structural damage to a home. If you want to avoid costly repairs, contact a pest management expert as soon as you notice that your home is suffering from an infestation. This will save you a world of trouble.