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Winter is fast approaching, which means that a host of animals and insects are now seeking shelter for the next four or five months. For many of them, your home is the ideal location.

Caulking is still the most effective option to prevent pests from entering your home. This is the only way to solve the problem at the source, i.e. by blocking off potential entry points.

What is caulking?

In a nutshell, caulking is the process of sealing all holes, cracks or other entry points that rodents, birds and insects could get through. Whether your dryer outlet, a gap in your roof or a tiny opening in a wall, there are numerous potential entry points that are often hard to spot. This is why caulking has to be done by a pest control expert.

Getting rid of pests without caulking is pointless: even though the infestation is gone, the entry points are still accessible, which is no guarantee that the problems will be gone for good.

The advantages of caulking to prevent pest intrusion

As mentioned above, caulking is a long-lasting solution to infestations, unlike simple pest control treatment, which doesn’t solve the problem at the source.

However, this is not the only advantage: when used for prevention purposes, caulking is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution, since it avoids the need to use pesticides if an infestation occurs and the need to pay for future treatments. Finally, sealing holes and cracks helps you maintain the market value of your home, an advantage that should not be overlooked.

Our caulking method to prevent pest intrusion

Before proceeding with the caulking, one of our experts performs a complete inspection of the building to identify each of the potential entry points. Our technicians have in-depth knowledge of pest behaviour, while being conscious that animals and insects can always surprise us. They are fully trained to find all sources of intrusion, even the most subtle.

After identifying potential entry points, our technician will caulk according to the assessment made. To do this, various long-lasting, winter-proof materials are at his disposal: all he has to do is choose the one that best suits the situation and apply it precisely for a perfect finish.

Elite Pest Control: effectively prevent pest intrusion

If you want to avoid the risk of pests entering your home, caulking is still the most effective method. A team of experts is needed to make it effective.

At Elite Pest Control, our knowledge of pest behaviour and our expertise in pest prevention and control allow us to offer you effective and long-lasting caulking services, while our attention to detail is reflected in the exceptional quality of our services.

Contact our team of experienced technicians today to benefit from foolproof protection against winter pest infestations.