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After entering Canada from Nova Scotia, by way of New York, in the 18th century, the German cockroach continued to expand its territory. Today, this species of cockroach is undoubtedly the most common in the province.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that cockroach extermination techniques are becoming increasingly advanced, it would appear that there are more and more cases of cockroach infestations in Quebec.

Here are some reasons that may explain this increase in cockroach infestations in Quebec in recent years.

Imported food: one of the causes of cockroach infestations

Exotic foods are in vogue. Quebecers are increasingly curious about the cuisine of other countries and that is why food imports from around the world are increasing.

However, the storage conditions of certain foods and commodities mean that cockroaches can be shipped by boat, plane or truck at the same time. Therefore, as imports increase, so does the cockroach population in Quebec.

Increased travel abroad could also increase the number of cockroach infestations

An increasing number of people are travelling abroad, whether for business or pleasure. However, some sunny destinations are known to be environments where cockroaches are very common.

Since they can slip into luggage and arrive in Quebec in travellers’ suitcases, a growing number of them are migrating.

Global warming: another factor that encourages cockroaches

As mentioned above, cockroaches are pests of tropical origin. However, they are able to survive in very hostile environments as cold as the territory of Nunavut. Nevertheless, they prefer heat and humidity by a long shot.

In this sense, global warming is a factor that contributes to the current increase in the number of infestations since the increase in average temperatures means that cockroaches benefit from a climate that is increasingly conducive to their survival and reproduction.

Cockroaches are becoming more resistant to insecticides

Another reality that contributes to the increase in cockroach infestations in Quebec and around the world is that they are becoming increasingly difficult to exterminate with insecticides. Indeed, German cockroaches quickly develop cross-resistance to the best insecticides used by exterminators. Prevention must therefore be promoted as much as possible in order to curb their proliferation.

Elite Pest Control is your ally in the fight against cockroaches

In conclusion, it is no coincidence that the number of cases of cockroach infestation is on the rise in Quebec since several factors contributing to their presence and reproduction are apparent.

It is important to remember that these pests are very resistant and that if you do not want to be a victim of a cockroach infestation, you should contact an extermination professional like Elite Pest Control when you first notice signs of their presence.