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Creepy crawly pests are the worst type of houseguest. Whether your home has been overtaken by rodents, cockroaches, spiders, or another sort of unwelcome pest, it’s important to act quickly in order to prevent further infestation. In addition to consulting professional help, there are various things you can do to help control pests in your home.

Use sticky traps.

One of the most efficient ways to deal with a current pest infestation is to invest in sticky traps. Sticky traps can stop basically any sort of pest that crawls, including ants, silverfish, and stinkbugs. It will take only a matter of seconds to set up the glue-based traps (which are available at most home hardware stores), yet it will do wonders to reduce your pest problems.

Seal up potential entry points.

Identify areas that pests may easily enter from, including dryer vents, window and doorframes, and pipes. Then proceed to cover up these entry points. Use materials such as steel wool or wire mesh to successfully seal these areas, which will prevent further and future infestations.

Repair any leaky faucets.

Insects are attracted to sources of water, so leaky faucets can easily become a hotbed for annoying pests. Roll up your sleeves, grab a wrench, and put an end to leaky faucets.

Consider a door sweep.

Available at most hardware stores, a door sweep is easy to install (opt for one that uses an adhesive strip rather than requires a drill) to the bottom of your door and will ensure no pests crawl through uninvited. Even better, this will help prevent heat from escaping during the colder months, meaning this solution has more benefits than just pest control.

Clean and declutter regularly.

If you’re known to leave a mess, it may be contributing to your pest problem. Kitchens, in particular, may attract pests if they can smell sources of food. Make sure to wash dishes regularly, deal with spills right away, and never leave food or garbage exposed.

In addition, clutter ensures that pests have safe, dark places to hide in. Clearing away clutter, such as sorting through your piles of old newspapers and putting away clothes laying on the floor, will reduce this. Keeping your come clean and clutter-free is the best way to prevent infestations before they occur.

Vacuum the pests away.

Vacuuming on a regular basis will help to keep your home clean as well as will suck up any pests in a matter of seconds. If you clearly have an infestation, vacuuming the pests up will help reduce their numbers greatly until you can deal with the source of the problem.

Call the professionals.

As efficient as these approaches may be, there’s nothing more effective than calling in the professionals. If you’re struggling to combat a pest infestation, consider calling in the professionals so they can deal with the problem once and for all. There’s nothing better than living in a pest-free home.

These solutions will help reduce infestation and also prevent one before it happens. Taking these steps to control pests in your home are the best ways to ensure you’re living pest-free.