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You have discerned mice just outside your home? You hear small suspect noises between the walls or ceilings of your house ? You just find some small mice dropping in your kitchen ?


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You have discerned mice just outside your home? You hear small suspect noises between the walls or ceilings of your house ? You just find some small mice dropping in your kitchen ?


If your answer is yes, it is time to consider calling a pest control extermination company with qualified exterminators! Elite Extermination is the solution for you!
Serving many areas such as Gatineau, Montreal, Laval, Repentigny, St-Jérôme, Vaudreuil and Trois-Rivières, this team of certified pest control exterminators and implementation specialist for ten years to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Their team of experts in pest control extermination, pest management, specifically trained and certified as qualified exterminators prevention in microbial decontamination to solve your early infestation problems at the end with effective solutions that respect the environment.
Whether in your home or business, the mice are looking for food and possible water sources. That’s why these small nocturnal mouse can squeeze inside your home.
However, we must not ignore their presence. Although they are very cute, mice proliferate at an alarming rate. Indeed, mice can have a dozen litters of five or six pups per year in a favorable to their survival and reproduction environment.
To learn more about this unwanted rodent and the solutions offered by Elite Pest Control, read this article.

Detection of the problem
For this reason, it is of great importance of being very careful with respect to mice infestation. The damage can cause as much possible accidents: a corroded wire can lead to a fire or pierced plumbing pipes can lead to flooding.
Mice are nocturnal so, mice infestation can be difficult to detect. Your first warning should be the appearance of small droppings around your home. As time progresses and your infestation grows, you’ll be able to not only hear the mouse to move through the floors and walls, but also to see in daylight. These are considered telltale signs of a big mice infestation. Ending this issue is not complicated. Just contact professional pest control exterminators Elite Extermination that will solve this complication and know how to get rid of your mouse problem!

Prevention is better than cure
Before you go to the point of requiring extermination on your mouse infestation, previously are preventive measures that can be implemented. The term prevention emphasizes all exercises designed to reduce the possibility of unpleasant scenarios.
The best way to avoid a mouse infestation is to work effectively on prevention.

The growing trend for preventive services is nothing new for Elite Pest Control. For them, there is work to do inside and outside of your home in order to reduce the chances of suffering a mouse infestation and other wild insects or animals. The competent Elite Pest exterminators know how to put you safe from disasters mice infestations. In addition, the team must offer not only the prevention and extermination, but as sealing services and microbial decontamination.
Contact Elite Extermination professionals to perform all the services for the prevention or even sealing: an essential step to succeed a good prevention for mice infestations.


The quality of work performed during an extermination is as important as prevention for gifted exterminators Team Elite Extermination. To soothe your mind, these professionals are greatly able to protect your home against mouse adverse intrusions.

Sealing is one step non-negotiable when it comes to properly protect your home. This is a process that is to seal the holes; The overall goal is to retain mice, rats, pigeons, but also raccoons, bats and many other wild animals to come and settle in your attic. Caulking, when properly performed, has the ability to completely prevent any access by rodents, such as mice, and parasites. Only with Elite Pest Control, this service comes with a guarantee of up to 5 years!
First, certified technicians will exterminate premium inspection of your entire house for note and you tell each target where rodents could possibly enter your home. The specified areas will be sealed by pest control exterminators Elite Pest Control with your approval. A fence, which is certified to test for harmful intruders. Technicians, exterminators at Elite Pest Control, consist of a precise way to install this fence because if it is improperly installed, everything will begin again. Extermination with Elite, the access will be blocked properly with high quality sealant specifically designed for our Quebec climate. This fence is often necessary under the sheds to resolve many potential infestations such as skunks and pigeons. With the exterminators elite team, it is almost impossible not to be satisfied with the performance. If you want to live without concern to the multiple kinds of rodents, contact Elite Extermination for a home without a mouse and without worries!

How to get rid of them
Living with a mice infestation in your attic is nothing pleasant. Living with these small rodents can bring many problems, especially about your home and your furniture as your physical health. Mice are carriers of many diseases; their hair and feces can transmit salmonella especially as they can lead to breathing hazards, including asthma, in humans. In addition, mice are fearful mammals in their environment and this factor should be strongly considered in the pest control extermination to be made by certified and qualified exterminators.

Pest control explained in 4 steps:
Mission Elite Extermination is nothing other than to relieve your fears, eliminate your fear of entering your own home and you are satisfied.

    accurately identify the rodent, animal or insect that cause your infection is very important for many reasons:
    • The choice of products needed during the extermination
    • The equipment required to be used when applying the product by the destroyer.
    • Places to check to target the problem.
    • Define the specific behavior of the animal or insect involved.
    The operation of the operation greatly depends on several factors:
    • The specific location of treatment (nursery, kitchen, bedroom, or other)
    • Persons in the immediate environment (children, elderly, pets, people suffering from a disease)
    • The severity of the infestation
    There are several ways to approach the extermination treatment. Moreover, it is not always necessary that the first processing performed by the destroyer Elite Pest Control includes the use of pesticide. Indeed, Elite Pest Control is a green company and, in this way, always choose the most natural and effective solution.
    The effectiveness of your treatment extermination depends heavily on a good track made by the destroyer qualiflé. It is essential that it is common, as long as the problem is not fully under control. The Elite exterminators are certified and trained specifically to deal with difficult situations and to establish the best suitable program only to you.Microbial decontamination
    The extermination of harmful visitors in your house, attic or shed is only half the work done by Elite Pest Control. The other part is to prevent rodents from reintroduce them after their intervention. These steps are called caulking, as already mentioned above and microbial decontamination. In addition, Elite Pest extermination is the only company in Quebec that is certified and ready to perform residential decontamination following pest control extermination.

The left scent is attractive to other mice or other rodents and could attract the new ones. These mice are known to be carriers of parasites, bacteria, viruses and even disease. They can accommodate as many other insects such as fleas and bedbugs The places that were affected by the infestation of mice are still at risk of spreading disease to a family member as long as places are still contaminated.
Mice or other rodents came home left their mark. Although their presence is no longer quite visible, even under control, it does not necessarily mean that the situation is resolved. It is for these reasons that microbial decontamination and cleaning the attic after an infestation is essential. Especially because protecting your family’s health and well-being are very important. Experts exterminators Elite Extermination décontamineront all targeted places where rodents have settled. Look no further for a certified team in microbial decontamination, Elite Pest Control will cover all stages, from initial inspection to the decontamination through caulking.

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