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As the name suggests, eco-friendly extermination methods make it possible to get rid of pests by using techniques that have a minimal impact on the environment. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this type of pest control can be more effective than many traditional extermination solutions.

Discover some of the added benefits of environmentally friendly methods of controlling pests and other intruders.

Eco-friendly extermination methods have long-term effectiveness

Eco-friendly pest control often begins with minimal use of pesticides or repellents. The most environmentally conscientious exterminators will therefore attempt to address pest infestations by eliminating their root causes rather than relying on chemicals.

An action plan that eliminates the problem at its source

After a careful inspection, an exterminator can then determine the source of the infestation and the factors that contribute to insects or other pests being present. Based on his observations, he will then develop a pest control plan to get rid of pests without using chemical pesticides, except in extreme cases.

Examples of methods to prevent infestations at the source include eliminating conditions that could provide habitat for pests, such as standing water or a very humid area.

The exterminator will help provide you with years of pest-free living by tackling the heart of the problem directly rather than buying you a few months of peace while the surviving pests reproduce and prepare to reappear.

Eco-friendly pest control is reliable pest control

In addition to preserving the environment, eco-friendly pest control protects you and your family from the potential side effects of chemical pesticides. You can rest assured that a reputable pest control company will take every measure necessary to only use pesticides that are safe for the environment and health.

Moreover, with experience, extermination technicians who have no choice but to use pesticides during treatments will know how to use only the necessary quantity of products, while guaranteeing maximum effectiveness. Naturally, the lower the doses used, the more the health impact is minimized.

Responsible extermination methods: a worthwhile investment

In addition to preserving the environment, responsible extermination methods also have economic benefits for landowners affected by an infestation. Especially when the pest control plan in place includes sealing insect or animal entry points.

As mentioned above, by addressing the problem at source, factors that can lead to the return of pests will be eliminated, avoiding the need for costly and repeat fumigation treatments.

Furthermore, keeping pests away with physical rather than chemical barriers is the most effective method to prevent material damage, especially in an attic or commercial building.

Elite Pest Control is environmentally aware

In light of this information, you may have noticed that the advantages of eco-friendly extermination methods are not limited to the environmental benefits. This type of treatment is more effective in the long term and involves fewer risks to your health and that of your loved ones. All without having to pay more.

Offering insect extermination services and relying on the use of eco-friendly products and processes that are safe for the health of occupants is Elite Pest Control’s mission.  Don’t hesitate to contact our team to get rid of an infestation in an environmentally friendly manner.