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Finding a bird in your house is unusual. It can therefore be very nerve-racking to find yourself confronted with a bird in the middle of your living room. However, it is important not to panic when such a situation arises, for the sake of you and the bird trapped in your home.

Instead, use these few tips to get a bird out of your house.

Why do birds enter houses?

Birds look for warmth when outside temperatures get colder, especially starlings and sparrows. They can fly up a chimney that lacks a protective screen and reach your basement by following the heat generated by your stove or furnace.

Birds can also easily enter through a window or door left ajar or an opening in the attic.

How to safely remove a bird

First, remove your pets from the room where the bird is located and close all access points to confine it. Once this is done, close the curtains or blinds on all but one window. This is the window you want the bird to leave the house from.

Open the window as wide as possible and remove the screen. Allow the bird enough time to fly out the window. If the bird stays in the house, take a large cardboard box and try to guide it to the open window. It is best not to touch the bird, as this may hurt or frighten it. Some bird species are also known to carry pathogens. As a consequence, it can even be prudent to decontaminate the area once the bird is out.

If the bird refuses to head towards the exit or you are too scared to approach it, try to lure it out of your house with seeds, bread and water. Place the food and water bowls between the bird and the outside exit. Turn off the lights and light the food you have provided for the bird with a flashlight. When the bird begins to approach it, slowly move it closer to the window until the bird is free again and moves away from your home.

Contact professionals if you can’t shoo the bird away

Frightened animal behaviour is rarely predictable. Nevertheless, if you proceed as explained in this article, you will reduce the chances that the bird trapped in your home gets injured or does too much damage before it leaves.

However, if after several attempts you still can’t get the bird out of your house or if it appears injured or sick, it is best to contact professionals like Elite Pest Control. They can remove the bird using proven professional techniques.