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You hear a strange noise in your house at night and might have even stumbled across animal droppings. It is possible that bats have chosen to rest in your home in between two nights of hunting. What can be done to identify these nocturnal pests and keep them as far away from your home as possible?

Here are some potential solutions to flush out invasive bats and drive them to another hideout.

How to determine if bats are in your home

Before jumping to hasty conclusions, you first need to make sure you are dealing with bats. Precisely identifying the pest will help you get rid of it. Bats have a habit of entering poorly insulated attics, basements or any other dark and unoccupied space. They leave their improvised rest area at night to hunt and return at dawn. Try monitoring the front of your home for about an hour when they go on the move. If this isn’t an option, you can also search your home for droppings. Unlike mice, bats have thin, brittle excrement that will sometimes shine. Also, in contrast to birds, it does not have a white hue. Take caution during your search: wear gloves and safety glasses or even a mask to protect yourself from diseases caused by bat droppings.

Get rid of bats by driving them away

Many approaches can be taken to keep bats away from your home. First, you should know that bats will flee noise and especially light. You can maintain the places where they seem to stay in your home, and eventually, leave a source of continuous sound (this could be a tv or a white noise generator found in many stores). If you have noticed cracks, or any other entry point that might allow them to enter, make sure to block them or caulk your house. You can also install strips of aluminum foil on the ceiling of the room in question to create obstacles to their movement and disorient them. Finally, if you live on the edge of a wooded area, you can also install a small temporary shelter on a tree or along your home to dissuade them from returning. These types of furnishings can be built or purchased.

Use a professional service to keep bats away for good

There are many ways to get rid of bats that invade your home; however, these methods are often a short-term solution since bats tend to stay within a small area. Moreover, cleaning droppings is dangerous and must be done carefully and with appropriate equipment. The Elite Extermination team specializes in the prevention and extermination of pests including bats. Our experts will be able to determine what processes you should consider to permanently remove these unwanted visitors from your home. Why not contact us for more information on the subject?