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Groundhogs are large rodents that are widespread in Quebec. Rather round and small in size, it is a close relative of the squirrel with which it shares the same animal family. Groundhogs are part of the natural environment and, like many wildlife species, their behaviour and lifestyle can be both beneficial and harmful. Let’s take a look at what kind of damage a groundhog can cause to your property.

Damage caused by groundhogs on your property and surroundings

Property damage caused by groundhogs generally falls into two categories. For starters, this mammal can cause damage to your property as a result of its feeding habits and digging. Its keen taste for flowers and vegetables frequently encourages it to ravage your garden and flower beds. The groundhog is therefore rather disliked by farmers, who frequently have to call an extermination service. Moreover, the groundhog’s love of gnawing drives him to nibble on underground power cables near your home, which can lead to power outages.

The destruction continues

In addition to the damage to your garden and cabling system, the holes the groundhog digs are also a problem in rural areas. Farm machine blades can be damaged by mounds of soil at the entrance to burrows and livestock can be seriously injured if they stumble into groundhog holes. Horses and their riders too. In urban areas, groundhog tunnels can cause the collapse of driveways and parking lots and increase the risk that surrounding rock faces will collapse. Burrowing along building foundations can also cause damage that weakens the entire structure, which results in expensive repairs.

Check for groundhogs at home to avoid damage

Even though we just described some of the damage caused by groundhogs, it is important to remember that these mammals are not led by malicious intent. They are simply trying to live well in an increasingly limited habitat.

If you are a victim of a groundhog infestation, it is important to call a professional exterminator. Only they know the right capture techniques to ensure both your safety and the well-being of the animal. To learn more about this subject or if you need an extermination service, contact Elite Pest Control.