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Are you familiar with the house centipede?

This small beige and brown creature is often found in Quebec homes. Its uninviting appearance can give some people the creeps. The house centipede has 15 pairs of long legs that allow it to move at a speed of 40 cm per second.

However, although it inspires fear and disgust, the house centipede is not entirely harmful.

Why do house centipedes hide in Quebec homes?

Scutigera (house centipedes) are centipedes that like to hide in warm, dark and humid places because they dehydrate quickly. That’s why you’ll often see them in your basement, closets, bathrooms and nooks and crannies in your home, such as cracks and pipes.  Unlike other pests that can cause structural damage, the house centipede can’t actually damage the structural integrity of your home or your possessions.

The house centipede, a silent exterminator!

The house centipede, with its rather frightening appearance, seems more threatening than it really is. It can even be considered rather useful in a house.

Indeed, it is a real predator. It feeds on small insects that might be found in your home, such as ants, insect larvae, spiders, bedbugs and even other centipedes. This roommate can therefore be considered a free exterminator!

The house centipede isn’t dangerous, but…

Although it presents no real danger, the presence of house centipedes could, however, suggest a more serious problem in your home. In fact, if they are constantly around, it means that there are enough insects in your building to feed them. You may want to call in a professional exterminator to inspect the premises.

On the other hand, the house centipede has a venom that it injects into its prey to paralyze it. This venom is not dangerous to humans or pets, but could cause allergic reactions in some people.

How to avoid having house centipedes in your home

Although there are some advantages to having house centipedes in your home, it is always best to keep your home pest-free.

To prevent them from getting in, you can make sure that your home is well ventilated and your humidity level is low. This will reduce the likelihood that they settle in your home.

If they do make their way into your home, you will need to contact extermination professionals. The only real way to get rid of house centipedes is to first exterminate their food source, the small insects hiding in your walls. You therefore need to deal with other insect infestation problems.

Call Elite Pest Control to eliminate house centipedes from your home

In short, there’s some advantage to having house centipedes in your home. They can help you exterminate small insects hiding in your walls without causing structural damage to your home. However, it is still recommended that you eliminate them to avoid coming face to face with these shadow exterminators too often.

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