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Mice can be very skillful. They climb, swim and jump like real Olympic champions. No wonder we find them in our homes so often.

But exactly how do mice enter your home?

In this article, our mouse exterminators explain how mice get into your house.

Mice get into a house through the walls

For starters, mice enter homes through the walls. Mice can squeeze through extremely small cracks and crevices. Any wiring holes, riser joints or gaps in the siding (bricks, soffits, etc.) can potentially provide a pathway for this rodent. Fortunately, there are effective techniques for getting rid of mice in walls.

Mice enter the home through doors and windows

Open, broken, deteriorated or detached doors and windows are one of the most common places for mice to enter a house. Properly sealing your doors and windows is an essential part of getting rid of mice in your house, especially when the sealing strips are old or defective.

Mice get in your house through pipes and ducts

Mice are excellent swimmers and can also enter your home through drains and sewers. Sometimes a single, poorly sealed drainpipe is enough to let a mouse in through the sink, shower or bathtub drain.

Heating and gas pipes are other places where mice enter homes.

Mice enter the house through the roof and attic

Mice can climb very steep, even vertical, rough surfaces. No wonder these small rodents sneak into the house through the roof and attic.

Most of the time, mice enter the house through gutters, roof vents or downspouts. They typically gain access to these entry points either by climbing directly onto the siding or by jumping out of a tree.

Cutting vegetation that comes (dangerously) close to the roof is one way to naturally keep mice away from the house.

Mice enter through the foundation, cellar, basement and crawl space.

With age and temperature variations, cracks and holes can appear in the foundation of a building. These openings in the foundation, however small, are sometimes all it takes for a mouse to enter your home.

Mice get into the house through the floor and ceiling

If you’re wondering how mice are getting in, go inspect your floors and ceilings. Openings in floors and false ceilings – especially in apartment buildings (condos, apartments, etc.) – are very common points of access for this rodent.

Avoid infestation by paying special attention to floating floors and cutouts for pipes or wiring between units in an apartment building.

Mice enter the house through the garage

Do you have mice in your house? The culprit could well be your garage. A garage door that is slightly ajar or, worse, open for a long period of time is a real welcome sign for mice. Again, there are excellent techniques for getting rid of mice in the garage.

Mice enter homes through the chimney

The chimney is another entry point for mice. Like the roof, the chimney undergoes a certain level of wear and tear over time. A mouse can therefore easily enter your home through a damaged chimney gutter.

Or the mouse can simply climb up the brick with its claws, enter the chimney hole and descend into the cozy comfort of your home.

Put an end to your mouse problem

Mice are smart, stealthy and capable of exceptional physical prowess. If you’ve ever wondered how to find out where mice enter your house, you’ve got the answer.

If you need help dealing with a mouse infestation, please contact us. Our exterminators will help you get rid of your problem, whether you are in Montreal, on the North or South Shore or elsewhere in Quebec.