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When you discover harmful pests in your home, you need to get rid of them quickly. In the simplest cases of invasion, you may be able to carry out the work without using an extermination service. However, in the majority of cases, a professional intervention is required. In the end, how long does this extermination process last?

Factors to consider before determining the time required for the extermination process

To assess how long an extermination procedure takes, the professional must consider several factors. Don’t be surprised if he asks you several questions when you contact him. First, he will ask you what pest you have in your home. Do you have to exterminate a rat? Is there a bird’s nest problem that needs to be solved? Or do you have bed bugs in your home?

Following your response, the exterminator will have to assess which area has been overrun by the pest. Is it a minor spider problem on your outdoor balcony or has your home’s structure been completely invaded by a common ant colony?

Distinguish between preventive and corrective procedures to assess the delay

Where are you with your infestation problem? Before buying a future home, many potential buyers want to do a preliminary assessment of the home to ensure that there is no infestation problem. However, other people are unfortunate enough to suffer these infestations after they’ve already moved in. So, is the pest extermination procedure preventive or corrective? The time frame for the extermination process depends on the answer to this question.

The size of the infested area partly determines the procedure’s duration

If you do have an infestation problem, however, this is where most of the exterminator’s work begins. A professional exterminator can come to your home in less than an hour. Some pests take longer to manage than others. Also, some houses are larger and more complicated to maintain than others. An extermination procedure will take different amounts of time depending on whether the infested area is a small apartment or a large residence.

Do you have to leave while the exterminator is there? Each case is unique.

Depending on the type of infestation, you may have to leave the house during the procedure. Your exterminator will notify you in advance. Two types of repellents are frequently used: natural and chemical repellents. Each pest is different, so each procedure is also different.

Often, the treated surfaces need time to dry. A two to four-hour window is generally considered normal. In addition, a little more time is often required to properly ventilate the room.

In the case of fumigation, treatment may take from six hours to a week depending on the type of infestation, dose, temperature and size of the building.

The pest’s persistence and its impact on the time extermination procedures take

Now, how long do the applied treatments last? Again, many factors come into play. The most powerful products on the market offer an efficiency ranging from 60 to 90 days. The size of the invasion and the pest’s persistence may change these figures. To get rid of rodents, you can count on one to two weeks. In extreme cases, the exterminator may have to carry out a second treatment, which obviously lengthens the time required for the procedure.

Elite Pest Control can assess the time required for an extermination procedure

The time required to complete an extermination procedure depends on many factors. You should consider them all, because they are all important. Although you may be tempted to carry out the extermination yourself, we strongly recommend calling a specialist to ensure that the right product is used and the right safety measures are taken.

Elite Pest Control is here for you. Our specialists are available 24/7 and are always happy to help. If you notice a small unwelcome critter lurking in a corner, call our exterminators in Quebec immediately.