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In Quebec, urban environments rub shoulders with vast and varied natural spaces. As cities expand, buildings multiply and populations become denser, managing the spread of pests has become a major challenge. This changing reality has given rise to an indispensable professional: the pest control technician.

But how can someone become a pest control specialist? What steps should you take, and what type of training and skills are required? In this article, our Montreal exterminators explain what it takes to become a pest control technician in Quebec.

Exterminator or pest control technician?

Before delving into the details of how to become a pest control expert, you need to understand the terms that describe this profession. Although these titles may sometimes refer to the same job, there are subtle differences.

  • Pest Control Technician: This term has the broadest meaning, encompassing all the skills and responsibilities associated with the profession. A person with this designation does more than simply get rid of house bugs. They adopt a global approach, analyzing the situation, identifying the origin of infestations, and implementing strategies to combat both small pests and wild animals.
  • Exterminator: This term is used widely across Quebec, and refers to the person who directly gets rid of pests. An exterminator is often the first professional to be called when an infestation is detected.
  • Extermination expert: A person holding this title has in-depth expertise in the field. In addition to treating infestations, they have advanced knowledge of the various pest species, their behavior and habits and how to deal with them effectively.
  • Rat-catcher: This term is more commonly used in Europe. As the name suggests, a rat-catcher specializes in getting rid of rats and other

Pest control technician responsibilities

Working as a pest control technician can be fascinating and rewarding, but it also requires a variety of skills and constant attention to detail. Beyond simple interventions, pest management involves other responsibilities, such as ensuring the safety and well-being of customers and their spaces. At Elite Pest Control, we make it a point of honour to excel at every aspect of this job.

1. Inspect buildings for infestation

One of the first steps in pest control is detection. Our pest control experts will meticulously scour the interior and exterior of a building with modern tools to detect even the smallest signs of infestation.

2. Analyse the situation to identify the origin of the infestation

After detection, it’s vital to know what has caused it. Has something changed in the immediate environment? Is there garbage nearby, or has something else attracted the pests? An in-depth analysis makes it possible to develop a targeted strategy to effectively get rid of the pests in question.

3. Apply appropriate treatments

Every infestation is unique and therefore each situation requires a custom approach. Depending on the pest species, how many pests are present and the characteristics of the infested area, our technicians will select and apply the most appropriate treatment, always in compliance with environmental standards.

4. Advice and prevention: avoiding future infestations

Elite Pest Control does not simply complete a pest extermination and stop there. We consider it our responsibility to educate and advise our customers on best practices for preventing reinfestations. Whether it’s hygiene tips, recommendations for changing layout or simple tricks, our pest prevention service arms every customer with the necessary knowledge to keep their space pest-free.

What training do you need to become an exterminator in Quebec?

To become a pest control technician you need knowledge, technical skills and an in-depth understanding of the industry’s best practices. For this reason, Quebec has introduced an AEP pest control training program.

Training objectives

  • Professional status: In a time when ecology, the environment and animal welfare are highly valued, the role of a pest control technician is more important than ever. AEP training aims to raise the status of the pest control profession and guarantee interventions that respect the environment and public health.
  • Produce trained professionals: By focusing on solid, comprehensive training, AEP programs ensure that every graduate technician has the skills needed to deliver high-quality pest management services.
  • Standardize best practices: Professional training makes it possible to standardize working methods, and guarantee that all interventions will meet quality standards based on scientific research and feedback.
  • Certification: An AEP diploma acts as a guarantee of quality to certify that the holder has acquired the necessary skills to intervene as a pest control expert.

AEP pest control training: duration, content and structure

Lasting a total of 615 hours, a pest control training program is structured in line with the DVA and STC competency-based model. Each competency studied is accompanied by performance criteria, and obtaining the final diploma requires success in all competencies.

At Elite Pest Control, all our technicians have passed this training with flying colors and apply their knowledge and expertise on a daily basis.

School boards and pest control training

Quebec’s 72 school boards are responsible for developing the pest control training program. The 69 French-speaking and 3 English-speaking school boards are the only establishments authorized to deliver standardized pest control training and AEP certification. Unlike private schools, these programs guarantee an established standard of teaching and can award successful students an official certificate.

Join the team at Elite Pest Control!

The world of pest control is complex, involving tools and knowledge that evolve constantly.  Pests, their behavior and the methods for managing them can also change depending on the circumstances, making it essential for any pest control technician to stay informed and ready to adapt to the new reality.

By joining our team as a pest control technician, not only will you benefit from state-of-the-art training, you’ll also be surrounded by passionate and dedicated professionals who are always ready to share their knowledge and guide newcomers.

If you have a passion for protecting our habitats and environment, and a desire to learn and grow in a dynamic profession, look no further. Elite Pest Control offers a great opportunity for developing your career, supported by ongoing training and a solid network of colleagues.

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Pascal Rock
Pascal Rock  
Director, Elite Pest Control
Founder and mainstay of Elite Pest Control, Pascal Rock has embodied expertise and dedication for over a decade. His training, acquired with expert mentors in extermination and pest decontamination, has shaped an outstanding professional. Under his leadership, a team of six seasoned technicians deploys the very best pest control strategies. Together, they ensure the peace of mind and safety of residents and professionals from Montreal to Quebec City, by offering fast, effective interventions, available at all times.