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Carpenter ants are found on all continents with the exception of Antarctica. This demonstrates their ability to survive in hostile conditions. This is also why they have a reputation for being very difficult to exterminate.

These ants, which can range in colour from dark red to black, are called “carpenters” because they dig tunnels and passages in wood. If they infiltrate a building, they can cause serious damage and even weaken its structure. This is why if you think you are suffering from a carpenter ant infestation, you must react quickly to stop the problem.

Here is the procedure for destroying a carpenter’s ant nest and getting rid of this sneaky threat to your building’s strength.

Locate the ant colony and its nest

In order to destroy a carpenter ant nest and exterminate the colony, you must first locate the area of the building that shelters it. To do this, you can start by looking for small holes and piles of excrement. Since ants prefer to dig wet wood, you can focus your search on elements that are likely to have been wet over time.

Since these ants can settle in walls, hollow doors, beams and structural wood, you can also test the wood by tapping it firmly to detect infestations. Wood dug by ants may appear thinner or more hollow than healthy wood. Tapping near a nest can also agitate ants, making them leave their hiding place. You might therefore see some specimens that confirm the presence of a nearby colony.

It should also be noted that mature nests often have smaller satellite nests, which must also be located to ensure that the ant infestation is eliminated.

Destroying the ants’ nest based on its location

A nest of carpenter ants outside

If the nest is located outside, in a wooden pile for instance, simply discard the affected wood carefully, wearing long-sleeved clothing to protect you from ant bites when performing the task.

A nest of carpenter ants inside a building

If the colony is located indoors, you can use a vacuum cleaner to disturb the colony and vacuum the ants. If you do this, be sure to seal the bag tightly to prevent any surviving ants from escaping.

If you find a colony that has settled inside a wall or beam, don’t try to cut the wood and then suck the ants out. You may compromise the structural integrity of your building. Instead, you should rely on the expertise of an ant extermination professional who can provide you with effective solutions that won’t affect the strength of the wooden structure affected by the infestation.

Elite Pest Control: your partner for carpenter ant extermination

In conclusion, eradicating a colony of carpenter ants necessarily involves eliminating all nests and especially the main colony. Otherwise, the ants will return to your home.

If you want to be rid of ants permanently, you should contact the specialists at Elite Pest Control. We can perform a full inspection inside and outside of your home and then destroy the primary and satellite nests.