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Did you see or hear a bat in your attic? Did you find droppings? Don’t panic! If you act quick enough, you can get rid of bats that have settled into your home.

You may only be dealing with a stray bat. In this case, wait until it leaves and block the entry point yourself or by hiring a professional pest control caulking service. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a colony, it is already too late to block the entry points. You can still take action by following the advice in this article.


Understand bats to better get rid of them

Our pest extermination team is quite familiar with bats since more and more people are asking our experts to rid their house of them. Here is what you need to know about this harmless animal, who is actually essential for fighting off insects.


Bat definition

Bats are small brown mammals of the Chiroptera family that can live up to 10 years and measure 20 to 30 cm. There are over one million species of them, though only 8 are found in Quebec.


Habits and behaviours of bats

Bats love darkness and water, so they tend to sneak and hide in damp areas. They sleep for over 20 hours per day and mainly eat insects. Bats are very agile: a hole less than one inch in diameter is enough for them to enter a house.

Females typically give birth to one baby per year, but some can have two or three.

Despite their bad reputation, they are harmless to humans and can even help you avoid pest infestations.


The 4 best ways to get a bat out of your house

If you found a live bat in your attic, the most important thing is to stay calm and try to get rid of it safely. Be careful and do not touch the animal because its bites can transmit rabies. If you think you have been bitten, contact Info-Santé (811) as soon as possible.

Here are some safe and easy ways to solve your problem:


1. Wait for the bat to get out and block its entry point

The first step is to isolate the bat by closing all room doors. You should then open all the windows, remove the screens, close the light, leave the room and close the door behind you.

The bat should leave at night fall to go hunt. Once you are certain that it is no longer in the room, close the window and look around to find the entry point. You can then cover it with fine wire mesh to prevent the bat from coming back.


2. Attract it elsewhere with a nesting box

Since bats need to be protected but are also unwanted guests in homes, you can find bat nesting boxes specifically designed for them, such as this cedar bat house with a narrow opening.

They should be installed high up, such as on a tree or pole, facing south or south-east whenever possible. Ideally, the area should be clear so that bats can easily spot them and fly to shelter. Bats will be especially attracted to these if they are placed less than 300 meters from a water source.


3. Make it flee with non-hazardous repellents

As with many pests, repellents can be effective in keeping bats away from your house. Here are the ones we suggest using:

  • A lamp: Constant light bothers bats since they enjoy darkness. Buying a lamp is generally an effective way to getting rid of the bat.
  • Eucalyptus: This plant efficiently fights off many insects and is also the best repellent to get rid of bats very quickly. The scent of Eucalyptus will bother them so much that they will be forced to leave, so spread oil around the room where they stay.
  • Naphthalene: This releases a substance that irritates bats’ respiratory functions, urging them to retreat outside and look for a healthier place to hide.

Other repellents, such as mint or ultrasonic products, can work but are not usually as effective as the above solutions.


4. Contact bat specialists

If you have tried at least one of these methods without success, you may need to resort to professional bat removal, the best way to get rid of bats once and for all. Following an inspection, these experts will know why and how they got into your home and apply the necessary measures to get rid of the bats harmlessly.

These professionals also typically decontaminate and caulk the affected areas to get rid of the pest for good.


Elite Pest Control, your partner in bat control

For a safe, quick and efficient bat removal, call our exterminators. They have the expertise to provide you with a professional and eco-friendly service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We take care of the relocation, decontamination and caulking to give you peace of mind as quickly as possible.

Contact us today for pest management services or for any questions about bat infestations. We will gladly respond to your needs quickly and professionally.