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Bats are fascinating nocturnal animals, but when they infest a home, they can cause serious problems. Bats can enter a house through cracks or very small openings. Once inside the building, they can build nests in walls, attics or even bedrooms.

If you are faced with a bat infestation, it is important to act quickly to avoid significant structural damage, noise pollution and the potential spread of disease.

Our Montreal exterminators offer tips on how to get bats out of your house safely and effectively.

Signs There are Bats in Your Home

The first step to preventing a bat problem is knowing they are there. Bats are nocturnal animals, so they are easier to spot at night. If you hear scratching or chirping noises after dark, this could be a sign that bats have moved into your home.

You should also try to see them coming and going. If you see bats flying near your home at night, they are likely living within your four walls. You can also try to spot bat droppings, called guano, which look like small brown balls.

A protected species

Bats are protected animals in many countries and regions, including Quebec. Before trying to get rid of them, check local laws and regulations. It is often illegal to kill or harm bats, so you are better off relying on deterrents that will not hurt them.

Note also that bats can be helpful as they eat some other pests. All the more reason to find ways to get rid of them responsibly and safely.


What can I do to get rid of a bat?

If you find a live bat in your attic, it is important to stay calm and proceed carefully. Don’t touch it, as a bat bite could transmit rabies. If you think you have been bitten, contact Info-Santé (811) immediately.

Here are some safe and easy ways to take action:

1. Seal any openings

The first step is to isolate the bat by closing all doors. Next, open any windows, remove the screens and turn off the lights. Leave the room and close the door behind you.

Once night falls, the bat will probably leave to hunt for food. When you are sure it is gone, close the windows and try to figure out where it got in. Cover any entry points with fine wire mesh to prevent the bat from coming back.

2. Install a bat house

Since bats are a protected species, but do not belong in your home, try installing a nest box specifically designed for them, such as this cedar bat house with a narrow opening.

The box should be installed up high, for example on a tree or pole, facing south or south-east if possible. Ideally, the area should be clear so that bats can easily spot the box(es) and fly to shelter. Bats prefer boxes installed less than 300 meters from a water source.

3. Install a deterrent or repellent

As with many pests, repellents can be an effective way to keep bats away from your house. We suggest the following:

  • A lamp: Constant light bothers bats since they enjoy darkness. A lamp is generally an effective bat repellent.
  • Eucalyptus: This plant efficiently repels many insects, and is also your best choice for quickly repelling bats. Eucalyptus odour bothers bats to the point that they will flee, so go ahead and sprinkle this essential oil around any room where you’ve spotted the intruders.
  • Naphthalene: This releases a toxic gas that irritates bats’ respiratory functions, leading them to leave the building and look for a healthier place to hide. It should be noted that naphthalene is also harmful to

Other repellents, such as mint or ultrasonic products, can work but are not usually as effective as the above solutions.

4. Call a professional

If you have tried at least one of the above methods without success, you may need to rely on a professional bat exterminator, the best way to get rid of bats permanently. After an inspection, pest control experts will be able to tell you why and how bats got into your home and take the necessary measures to get rid of them safely.

Pest control teams also typically perform decontamination and disinfection and caulk affected areas for long-term protection.

How get a bat out of your house

It is important to get a bat out of your home as soon as possible. Follow these steps for safe bat removal:

  1. Open the windows: the first thing to do is open all windows and doors to the outside, creating a variety of escape routes for the bat.
  2. Make noise: Bats have very sensitive hearing, so making noise by clapping, talking loudly or using a whistle can help scare them away.
  3. Wait: It is important to give a bat enough time to leave on its own. Be patient and let the bat follow its own pace.

It is important never to touch a bat with your bare hands, as it can carry diseases, including rabies. If you are having trouble safely removing a bat from your home, contact a pest control company for help.

Bats in the walls: what to do?

Bats sometimes nest in the walls of a building, which can cause noise and odor problems, as well as long-term structural damage. If you think there are bats in your walls, it is important to take steps to remove them safely. We suggest the following:

  • Assess the situation: if you hear noises coming from your walls, try to figure out if they are from bats or other animals. Bats make high-pitched calls or squeaks at night.
  • Find the point of entry: to remove bats from your walls, you need to figure out where they got in. Look for openings like cracks or holes, and do your best to block them until you can get professional help.
  • Install a repellent: Once you have found the place where the bat(s) got in, install a repellent in the area.
  • Wait: it is important to let the bats leave on their own. Be patient and wait for them to emerge at their own pace, keeping in mind this may take several days. Avoid disturbing them during this time.
  • Clean up the mess: Once the bats have left, it is important to clean up any mess, especially droppings and nests. Use gloves and masks to avoid contact with waste and clean the area thoroughly.

If you aren’t sure how to handle the situation or can’t seem to find the place where the bats got in, we recommended calling a professional who can help you resolve the problem safely.

Bat nests in the house

Bats can build nests in walls, attics and chimneys. Bat droppings can emit foul odors that can potentially cause respiratory illness in humans.

Removing a bat nest from your home can be a complex process and it is often best to rely on professionals for help. The team of pest management experts at Elite Pest Management can help you safely remove bat nests and reduce the risk of damage.

Get rid of bats with Elite Pest Control

It can be difficult to deal with a bat infestation. By identifying the type of pest you are dealing with and taking appropriate action, you can get rid of the intruder in an effective and humane manner.

If you have a bat problem in your home, ask for professional help to guarantee safe and legal extermination. Elite Pest Control offers efficient, personalized solutions for getting rid of bats within approved regulatory limitations.

Contact our specialists now for a free evaluation and a solution to your specific situation. We are here to help you return your home to a safe and comfortable environment.