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A mouse infestation in your home can pose several risks. Whether in terms of your health, comfort or material goods, it is important to find solutions to prevent these small animals from invading your space.

But how do you get rid of mice? To help you put an end to your invasion problems, discover the advice of our qualified pest control experts in this article.

A free evaluation from experts: the first step to getting rid of mice

When in doubt about whether there are mice in your home, it is important to react quickly. But how do you get rid of these little beasts?

As a first step, the ideal solution for mouse extermination is to contact pest control professionals for a free assessment. Experts can then come directly to you, identify the real problem, plan a thorough strategy and establish a plan of action.

This preliminary intervention is crucial, since it will determine the different stages of the extermination process.

Traps and poison: common extermination treatments

There are various treatments available to exterminate mice in your home. Whether you use traps or poison, these two solutions can be effective when getting rid of mice in your home.

In general, mouse traps may be appropriate when there are not too many pests in the home. Strategically placed mouse traps can be useful in the short term.

Among these traps, two types are more commonly used. The spring trap is very simple to use and makes it easy to kill mice quickly without causing them pain. The glue trap, on the other hand, makes it possible to immobilize the mice with an adhesive glue. Although this trap is effective, it can make the animal suffer for long hours.

These two traps are convenient for eliminating a small number of mice, but may not suffice to exterminate a large colony. If you find that the traps are ineffective, pest control experts may recommend poison. A few uses of poison can wipe out an entire colony.

The best solution to get rid of mice: caulking

Finally, once the infestation problem is over, you still need to plan a solution to prevent more intruders from showing up next season.

This is why caulking is considered the best solution to get rid of mice in your home once and for all. Sealing and blocking all holes and cracks that could serve as direct access to your home will help prevent the entry of unwanted small rodents.

Get rid of mice once and for all!

In short, if you’re wondering how to get rid of mice in your home, the help of pest control experts is a great asset. With a free evaluation, professionals can identify your infestation problem and find solutions to put an end to it.

If you have an infestation problem in your home, you can always contact Elite Pest Control. Our team specializes in extermination and decontamination and can provide you with advice and services that meet your needs.