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At Elite Pest Control, we know that mice are never welcome visitors in a house.

Here are 9 quick steps to get rid of mice:

  1. Know their habits
  2. Look for signs of mice in your house
  3. Block all entry points
  4. Place mouse traps in the proper locations
  5. Use rodenticide or bait stations
  6. Keep your house and these areas cleans
  7. Call an exterminator
  8. Have a pest prevention plan
  9. Buy a cat

While the above steps are key, we want to give you more information about mice and the most commonly used methods of getting rid of them.

Understand mouse habits to get rid of mice in the house

Mouse infestations are common in Quebec. Winter temperatures and hunger drive these small pests into homes to find a warm and habitable place to live.

Since they carry diseases or cause damage, mouse extermination should be done immediately before they do much harm.

But how do you get rid of the mice once and for all? What are the best methods to prevent them from spreading in your home? Discover the expert advice of our pest control technicians in Quebec.

Signs of mice in your home

Mice appreciate your home for the warmth and security it provides as well as your pantry, but they’re not easy to find.

Pay special attention to the signs left by these rodents in order to identify their presence:

  • Strong smell from urine
  • Scattered mouse droppings in the corners of your house
  • Gnawing marks

Damage caused by mice

Mice love to gnaw, whether it’s to build their nests or simply to wear out their ever-growing teeth.

This can cause structural damage to walls, furniture or linens. Caution, these rodents can also attack insulation materials, electrical cables or gas pipes, increasing the risk of fire.

In addition to property damage, mice can pose a serious health risk because of the diseases they can carry, such as salmonellosis, leptospirosis or hantavirus. Since they like to spoil and soil your food supply to satisfy their appetite, keeping them out of rooms where you eat is important.

Methods for getting rid of mice

If the infestation is minor, there are many methods available to get rid of mice, such as traps, bait or rodenticides. While all of these methods are effective for rodent control, some require more skill to limit the risk to people or pets.
In some cases, the only thing that can be done is to call a professional exterminator. Not only do we have the necessary expertise to eliminate all types of rodents, we can also apply the right extermination strategy and provide a pest prevention plan to permanently get rid of mice in your house.

Mouse traps: a proven way to exterminate mice

Mouse traps are often the first thing that comes to mind when dealing with mice. There are many commercially available models, but you still need to know which mouse trap to buy.

Spring or sticky traps are some of the most commonly used. The spring trap is very easy to use and kills the mouse quickly and painlessly. As for the sticky trap, it immobilizes the catches with an adhesive glue. Although this trap is effective, we do not recommend using it because it can cause the animal to suffer for many hours.

While practical for eliminating a small number of mice, these traps alone may not be enough to get rid of a large colony.

How to set a mouse trap

An important part of using your mouse trap effectively is knowing how to position it. Since mice scurry along walls, you need to place the traps perpendicular to them, with the bait placed opposite the baseboard. You don’t need to place the traps throughout the house, only around the feeding point and nest location.

Mice are smart little creatures. Remember to change the location of your traps every two or three days to prevent them from getting used to their location.

Rodenticides and bait stations: effective with the right knowledge

Bait stations or bait boxes are used to trap mice. The rodents are lured into the trap by the food in the boxes and cannot get out. These easy-to-use boxes can be used to trap mice and kill them with poisoned bait.

Rodenticides work like bait stations, but they do not capture rodents. Rodents can die in an isolated area and you will have to track the mice down afterwards.

Anticoagulant rodenticides and bait stations can be very useful. However, as pest control experts, we have to warn you about these products, since they can be particularly harmful to people or pets if not handled properly. Our team is specially trained to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

Get rid of mice once and for all!

Getting rid of mice is no easy task, because in addition to exterminating rodents in your house, you will have to implement preventive measures to limit access to your property.

If you are facing an infestation problem in your home, contact Elite Pest Control now. Our team specializes in extermination and decontamination and will provide you with the best advice on how to get rid of mice permanently.