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There are 12 different tick species in Quebec. Although some of them are non-threatening, others can carry dangerous viruses. Even if the tick’s favourite host is your dog, your family is not out of harm’s reach. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your family, here is how to safely get rid of ticks.

A bit of info before showing how to get rid of ticks

Before you learn how to get rid of ticks, you need to identify an infestation inside your home. This can be done by inspecting your walls and the meeting points between them. Also, pay particular attention to your mouldings and curtains.

After this inspection, you need to follow best practices to properly prepare your home for the extermination procedure. It is therefore recommended to vacuum all rooms, clean the entire residence and wash the floors. It is also important to wash all bedding in the house, including the pet’s bed, which can also be infested. Finally, on the day of the extermination, the furniture in each room should be grouped in the centre of the room and the children and pets should be babysat to prevent any additional risk of contamination. This preliminary work will also facilitate the work of the exterminator who specializes in pest control.

Eliminate ticks and take the right preventive measures

Once the extermination has been completed, it is crucial to take the necessary measures to protect yourself from a possible recurrence and prevent any health risk. The first step is to wear long clothes and cover yourself as much as possible when you go for a walk in the woods. In addition, be sure to use a mosquito repellent that contains DEET or icaridine. Finally, maintain the vegetation around your home. Areas where children play merit special attention.

Entrust the extermination to a professional

When it comes to ticks, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, try to apply the advice that we have provided to you. And, if your situation demands it, do not hesitate to consult a professional exterminator like Elite Pest Control. This will help you and your family sleep soundly.