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Birds are not always harmful. Consider the moments when they stop at your feeder, when they wash in the small bird bath near your garden or when they sing along with your alarm clock in the morning. Beautiful, isn’t it? However, when they settle in your roof, they can become pests. And getting rid of them is not always easy. Nevertheless, here’s how to keep birds from nesting in your roof.

Inspect and seal the roof before keeping birds away

Before you implement your plan to keep birds nesting in your roof away, start by inspecting your roof. The important thing here is to identify any holes or gaps on your soffits and fascias or other roof elements. If you find any, you will need to seal these access points, since several harmful bird species can enter them. A pest control professional can help you with this.

Bird scarers to keep birds away

The first solution to try is to install a bird scarer. Birds of all sizes will want to avoid places they think are inhabited by predators at all costs. Bird scarers are perfect for fooling them and keeping them at a distance. Several models are available for sale. The most effective have eyes that reflect light, since they appear more realistic. If you want to further improve the bird scarer, you can also add moving parts such as wings, for example.

Make the roof inhospitable to repel birds

You can also make your roof inhospitable to prevent birds from nesting in your home. If your roof discourages them, the birds will settle elsewhere. The most effective way to do this is to install anti-bird spikes, which are also known as anti-perch strips. These spiky strips do not hurt the birds. They simply make their perch uncomfortable or impractical.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

When you have a large number of birds that can nest under your roof, a more comprehensive solution may be required, such as the installation of screens and protective nets, as is often the case when exterminating pigeons. These solutions are highly effective, but also very expensive. Rather than covering the entire roof, many people choose to cover only certain strategic areas such as roof edges and gutters.

Keep birds from nesting in your roof for good

It is possible to keep birds that nest under your roof away. However, if you come across a used nest with or without eggs, don’t remove it because Canadian laws protect birds, their nests and eggs.

And if your techniques fail, contact a pest control expert. Elite Pest Control won’t hesitate to meet all your needs and help you find the peace of mind you deserve.