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There’s nothing like the sound of birds singing as you wake up in the morning. Unless, of course, those birds are nesting in your roof and wreaking havoc.

Not only do these feathered creatures leave droppings that can stain and corrode your roof, but their nests can also block eaves troughs, leading to water damage.

While not impossible, getting rid of starlings or other pests is not always easy. From screens and scarecrows to repellents, our experts share their best techniques on how to keep birds from nesting in your roof.

Inspect and seal the roof to keep birds away

Before you implement your plan to keep birds nesting in your roof away, start by inspecting your roof. The important thing here is to identify any holes or gaps on your soffits and fascias or other roof elements.

If you find any, you should quickly caulk these access points. This will help prevent many species of pests such as sparrows, doves and crows from entering. A pest control specialist can also help you with this.

Bird scarers to keep birds away

The first solution to try is installing bird scarers under the roof of your home. These small devices scare birds away from under your roof.

Installing a small scarecrow, a dummy owl or a sound bird repellent will make both large and small birds think that the area is inhabited by predators. They will become frightened and want to avoid these bird deterrents at all costs.

There are several models of bird scarers and repellents available on the market. The most effective and realistic models have light-reflecting eyes. To make a bird scarer even more authentic, you can also add moving parts such as wings.


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Make the roof inhospitable with bird repellents

You can also make your roof inhospitable to prevent birds from nesting in your home. If your roof discourages them, the birds will settle elsewhere. The most effective way to do this is to install anti-bird spikes, which are also known as anti-perch strips.

These bird repellents, which come in the form of spiky strips, do not hurt the birds. They simply make their perches uncomfortable or unusable.

Install screens to restrict access to birds

When you have a large number of birds that can nest under your roof, a more comprehensive solution may be required, such as the installation of screens and protective nets, as is often the case when exterminating pigeons. These solutions are highly effective, but also very expensive.

Rather than covering the entire roof, many people choose to cover only certain strategic areas such as roof edges and gutters.

Keep birds from nesting in your roof for good with Elite Pest Control

As discussed in this article, it is entirely possible to remove birds that are nesting under your roof. However, if you come across a live nest with or without eggs, you should not remove it. Canadian laws protect birds, their nests and eggs.

The key to successful bird control is to use several different repellents, rotating their use on a regular basis. A bird scarer will be effective for about two weeks, so be sure to vary your bird repellents to get through the summer in peace.

If, in spite of the techniques presented above, you are still experiencing infestation problems, contact a pest control expert. Elite Pest Control will meet all your needs quickly so that you can find the peace of mind you need.

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Pascal Rock  
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