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Mice that appear in cartoons are always cute. And they are rarely seen as harmful. However, in reality, although they are quite cute, you should never tolerate their presence in your home, since they can be quite destructive despite their small size. Below are some tips on how to keep mice away from your home and get rid of any infestation.

Seal access points to keep mice away from your home

Mice are very stealthy. They can easily enter your home by sneaking into a dime-sized space. To keep these rodents away, think about sealing all access points they may use. Installing metal screens will block the entry points the animal uses. Also seal all cracks in your foundations and joints around your pipes.

No food, no mice

Mice return to your home for two main reasons. First, they invade your home to warm up when winter arrives. At the same time, these small rodents enter your home to find food.

To overcome this problem, keep your kitchen clean and store dry food in metal or glass containers.

The mouse trap: the key to pest control

Once you have sealed your home and cut off their food source, set mouse traps to catch them. Several types of mouse traps exist. The most “humane” are ones that trap the mouse and keep it alive. This type of trap is often made of metal and closes behind the mouse once it is well inside. Then, you just have to release it in a wooded area.

Maintain your garden to keep mice away

The inside of your house isn’t the only place to think about. The exterior as well. To prevent mice from entering your home, cut the tall grass around the house. This will prevent the animal from building a nest near your home. Also, try to eliminate waste that can clutter your exterior, since mice are very fond of them. If you have stacked boxes that you don’t use, throw them away.

No food, no mice (a reminder)

In addition to eliminating their food source inside your home, you should also make sure to eliminate it outside your home. Keep your garbage in a bin with a tight-fitting lid and avoid throwing leftover food into the composter unless the container is airtight. Also pay special attention to any outdoor taps. If water leaks out, the mice will come drink from it. Keep your garden hoses tightly closed.

Easily eliminate mice and restore peace of mind

No one should have to deal with mice in their homes. Not only can they damage your home, but they can also transmit diseases that can affect the health of you and others in your home.

Applying these few tips should be enough to keep mice away from your home. However, if the problem persists or goes beyond your control, contact Elite Pest Control. Our team will be happy to help you regain the peace of mind you have lost.