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When properly maintained, wood is a durable material that can withstand many hazards. However, wood’s vulnerability to insects is a disadvantage that should not be overlooked. Log homes are particularly at risk of being damaged by ants, beetles and other wood-eating pests.

Find out how to keep these insects away and prevent possible damage to your log home.

Get rid of rotten wood to avoid insect damage

Walk around your house and make sure there are no sources of damp or rotten wood in the vicinity. Carpenter ants can cause considerable damage to your home and are attracted to rotten wood because they can use it to build their nests. This is why you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

You should also remember to store your firewood away from the home, preferably in a dry place. Your firewood can become damp without you noticing and attract insects. When you bring wood indoors, check that it is free of insects by shaking it lightly and taking a close look.

Seal your home’s doors and windows

Sealing all your doors and windows is recommended to minimize the risk of insects entering your home. You can also inspect the exterior walls and roof to make sure that no holes or cracks can let pests in.

Control humidity and temperature to avoid attracting insects

Wood-eating insects are typically attracted by humidity and high temperatures. A dehumidifier should therefore be installed and overheating in winter should be avoided. Furthermore, make sure that no water can seep into your home, however small it may be. These simple precautions will make your log home less attractive to pests.

Keep your home clean, keep insects away

Ants and beetles, like all other insects, are also attracted by the inexhaustible source of food that your home can provide. They will be more likely to notice that there is food in your home if it is lying on the table, on the counters or on the floor. All food should be stored in the refrigerator or cupboards and your surfaces should be kept fairly clean.

Regularly inspect your log home

Detecting the problem immediately is the key to effective damage prevention. You should therefore regularly inspect your log home for signs of wood pest infestation. Look for small holes or sawdust on your furniture, walls and floors and pay close attention to the attic, basement and exterior walls. If you frequently see insects, contacting a pest control expert before the situation gets worse may be highly recommended.

Contact an exterminator quickly

Do you think that you may be dealing with a wood pest infestation? Depending on the insect in question, damage can get worse very quickly: hiring an exterminator as quickly as possible is crucial. If you have any questions about your pest problem or if you would like to have our experts assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us.