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Did you know that a raccoon can travel up to 30 kilometres from its habitat in search of food? If you see a raccoon near your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it lives in your neighbourhood.

Although they are less active during the winter, raccoons inevitably come out when the cold weather leaves us. This massive return is a cause for concern for many who see them as pests. Today we answer the question: what can be done about the return of raccoon season?

Why is raccoon season problematic?

They may be cute, but raccoons can be destructive when they come out in spring. They’ll be happy to knock over your garbage cans, tear open your bags and destroy anything that stands between them and the food they crave. Gardens, bird feeders and outdoor siding, anything goes.

In addition to the damage they can cause, these animals can carry a number of diseases, including rabies and roundworms. For this reason, you should stay away from raccoons and seek professional help if handling of the animal is necessary.

If a raccoon manages to enter your home, you could end up with serious damage. Never attempt to get rid of it yourself since it could be very dangerous. Contact a pest control expert instead.

What measures can be taken during raccoon season?

How can we avoid raccoon problems when spring heralds the inevitable return of raccoon season? Start by preventing access to what attracts them the most: your garbage. Seal your bags, tie down garbage lids to make them hard to open, and rinse all your containers before throwing them out. This will prevent raccoons from being attracted to your property.

Simultaneously, inspect your home for any access points. Next, caulk any entryways. Ideally, this task should be done by a pest prevention professional. This professional can install wire mesh at potential entry points around your home to prevent raccoons from entering your house.

How to protect yourself when raccoons come out

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