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It’s cold outside. And what do we do when it’s cold? You put on a coat or a big sweater or just toss a little wood in the fireplace to warm up. But what do insects do when the cold weather sets in?

When insects and winter don’t get along

Insects have several strategies to fight the winter cold. Some of them simply decide to leave their native territory to take refuge in a warmer climate. This is the case for the monarch butterfly. As soon as the outside temperature cools, this butterfly packs its bags and leaves for Mexico, where it stays until spring returns.

However, insect migration is rather rare due to their small size. So, what do they do?

I’m here, and here to stay

Some insects simply decide to spend the winter with us. Indeed, many of them have a metabolism that is completely adapted to their environment and slip into a state of torpor once the winter arrives in order to reduce their energy use. Bees, for example, gather in the hive and form a hot nucleus, which is in constant motion.

Others simply escape the harsh climate by entering a state of diapause, a kind of hibernation. This state allows them to survive the cold by stopping their development during an unfavourable period for them, whether in the form of an egg, larva, nymph or adult.

An impressive strategy against the cold

However, some other insects have the ability to produce glycerol, which is an effective antifreeze substance that protects them from the effects of cold. Roughly speaking, this substance prevents the formation of ice crystals in and around their cells. Impressive, isn’t it?

Winter, insects and you

Naturally, as you know, there are always smarter insects that choose to take refuge in your home during the winter. This is the case with ladybugs, which invade homes in the fall.

This is where our dear insect friends go once winter arrives. If you want to learn more about the fascinating world of insects, visit the blog section of our website. And if you have a pest infestation problem, contact us. We will be happy to implement the most effective measures so that you can quickly regain your peace of mind.