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Regardless of the season, dealing with a rodent infestation is undesirable. They can transmit diseases to humans and cause significant material damage.

As the cold season approaches and as a precaution, it is worth considering whether the number of rodents in Quebec homes increases during the winter.

The most common rodent species that seek refuge indoors

In Quebec, some rodent species are more likely than others to enter homes. These are mainly brown rats (also known as Norway rats or sewer rats), common mice with dark grey coats and deer mice. The latter is easily recognizable by its greyish-brown coat, white legs and belly, and tail as long as its body.

What attracts these rodents to homes in the winter?

Rodents that enter homes during the winter mainly do so for 2 specific reasons.

To find new food sources

As temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, the sources of water and food available to rodents are depleted. In response to this scarcity, mice and rats will try to find their way inside houses, where they can find something to eat.

Interestingly, mice can meet their daily hydration needs simply by absorbing water from the foods they eat, provided they contain a certain level of moisture. On the other hand, rats need access to a water source to survive. This explains why mouse infestation problems in homes are more common. That being said, if you live near a river, lake or stream, you are more likely to see rats entering your home.

To build a nest away from the elements

For small warm-blooded mammals such as rodents, the Quebec winter brings particularly hostile weather conditions. Without a shelter to provide them with some warmth, their livelihood is at risk. Their instinct therefore guides them towards a warm environment, like a house.

Once inside, mice will quickly search for a secluded area, ideally near a food source, to settle there. Of course, if a food source is located nearby, all nesting conditions will be met. This is why mouse nests are often found behind household appliances like a refrigerator.

In fact, the preferred rodent nesting sites will be attics, kitchen, bathrooms, garages and basements.

Prevent rodents from entering your home this winter

In summary, certain factors such as food scarcity and the need to be protected from the cold mean that the number of rodents in Quebec homes increases during the winter.

This is why it is important to hire extermination specialists like Elite Pest Control as the cold season approaches. Our expertise in infestation prevention allows us to identify potential entry points for rodents and then seal them. Contact us to avoid having to deal with pests this winter.