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Invasive pests aren’t just things you see at the movies. They can also be found in Quebec. While in some cases the invasive species are monster-like, sometimes the undesirable representative of the invasive species isn’t an eyesore at all.

However, whether attractive or not, the pest is a nuisance and can be a danger to the environment it inhabits. But what are the most invasive species in the province of Quebec?

Quebec’s harmful pests

When we think of invasive pests, mammals certainly aren’t the first things that come to mind. Nonetheless, some of them are serious pests in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Small four-legged invaders

Rats and mice both belong to the same family. The brown rat, stocky and imposing, as well as the smaller mouse, are genuine four-legged scourges. These annoying rodents contaminate buildings with their urine and feces, causing serious health problems and contamination. In addition to transmitting many diseases to humans, they cause untold damage to the buildings they take hostage. Get rid of them as quickly as possible.

A Quebec pest with a look that can deceive

The grey squirrel is another invasive pest that affects the Quebec population. Behind its beautiful, bushy tail is an unpleasant mammal. In addition to biting and chewing on electrical wires, looting gardens and scavenging garbage cans, squirrels love to nest in attics and sheds. In doing so, this small pest considerably increases the risk of fire in the homes it invades. Prevent them from settling in your home by sealing the various entrances to your home.

Problematic insects in Quebec

Unlike mammals, Quebec’s invasive insects rarely live alone. In fact, they can easily live in colonies of hundreds or even thousands, which makes coexistence with them very problematic.

A pest you sleep with

The bed bug is another irritating species that greatly inconveniences the population of Quebec. This insect species, which most often hides in mattresses or elsewhere in the house, feeds on blood. Attracted by vibrations, heat and odours, bed bugs are very resilient and lay two to four eggs a day. They therefore multiply rapidly. To avoid an outbreak, inspect your furniture and keep your home in order.

A scourge for Quebec lawns

Think the grass is always greener at the neighbour’s? Not if it’s infested with white grubs. This small, persistent insect is one of the most difficult to eradicate. Widely found in southern Quebec, white grubs can grow up to four centimetres long. The larvae of this pest damage lawns by eating the roots, causing the grass to turn yellow and wither. In order to avoid replacing your lawn, it is vital to fight against its invasion.

<H2> Avoid being preyed on by pests

In Quebec and elsewhere, several species are invasive and not everyone is in a position to identify and implement appropriate measures to prevent an infestation. Sometimes only the discerning eye of an expert can do it. To find out more or if you are currently the victim of an unwelcome species, contact Elite Pest Control. We can help you combat pests throughout the province of Quebec.