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Oh no! Your house is overrun by mice. You want to call a mouse exterminator to get rid of your rodent problem before it gets worse. It’s urgent!

But before jumping on the phone, you’d like an answer to that one crucial question—how much does a mouse exterminator cost? Let’s take a look at how the cost of a mouse exterminator is typically determined in Montreal and the rest of Quebec.

The type of mouse in question

Not everyone knows how to catch a mouse. It takes a pro—a mouse exterminator. So, how much does a mouse exterminator cost? It depends first of all on the type of mouse in question. Harvester mice, deer mice and gray mice may not be exterminated the same way. The exterminator may need to identify the species before the price can be determined.

How the mice are getting in

Mice can enter homes through any access point you can imagine. Some come in through a pipe, others through a hole in the chimney or even a crack in the foundation.

The mouse exterminator must always figure out how the mice are getting in, because if that issue is not resolved, the mice will come back just as quickly as they are exterminated.

Some places are difficult to access, such as insulated pipes, inaccessible crawl spaces, the insides of walls, etc. The easier the location is to access, the easier the exterminator’s task will be. The more complicated it is to access the point of entry, the more labour-intensive the job becomes.

Therefore, the cost of a mouse exterminator varies depending on where the mice are getting in and the layout of the premises.

Where the mice have nested

After finding a way to enter, the mice move through your house looking for a quiet place to nest, ideally near a food source.

Where are they now?

Getting rid of mice in the walls isn’t done the same way as removing them from the garden or the attic. Exterminating a colony of mice can be challenging regardless of where they are nesting.

The cost of mouse extermination depends on the location of the infestation and the area to be covered. An infestation confined to one small room will not require as much work as one that has spread throughout the house.

The size of the colony/extent of the infestation

There are lots of things to know about mice, including the fact that they breed quickly. Very quickly. The bigger the infestation is, the more time and effort it will take for the exterminator to rectify the situation. The cost of the extermination will therefore be proportional to the size of the infestation.

A mouse infestation can’t always be resolved in one visit. Some infestations may require the exterminator to come back several times, increasing the time and pest control measures needed to resolve the situation.

How many visits will the exterminator need to make? One? Two? Three? More? This affects the cost of a mouse exterminator.

Preventive measures to implement after the infestation

The mice have been located, surrounded and exterminated. Great! But the work doesn’t always stop there. Once the ordeal is over (finally!), it’s time to clean up and decontaminate your home.

Not only that, but to prevent the mouse infestation from returning, the exterminator will probably recommend that you take certain follow-up measures. It’s up to the mouse exterminator to determine which measures are needed in your case.

Generally, the mouse exterminator will recommend sealing and caulking services to block the access points. The cost of the mouse exterminator will depend on the preventive measures that need to be taken.

Don’t skip the caulking step, or chances are the mouse infestation will happen again.

Inspection fees

Some exterminators charge an inspection fee. Others don’t. Inspection fees vary from one exterminator to the next and can affect the total cost of the extermination.


The exterminator will often offer a limited guarantee after an extermination. Again, this is on a case-by-case basis, and the guarantees offered vary from one exterminator to another.

Some exterminators even offer their clients additional guarantees for a fee.

The type of guarantee, how long it lasts and the option of extending it should be reviewed to determine how much a mouse exterminator costs.

The cost of a mouse exterminator: the verdict

So, how much does a mouse exterminator cost? The answer: it depends. The cost of a mouse exterminator will vary based on factors such as the species in question, the size of the infestation and the preventive measures that must be taken to avoid reinfestation.

If you are dealing with a mouse infestation and would like to know exactly how much the mouse exterminator will cost in your specific case, please contact us. We will give you a 100% free estimate.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get rid of your mouse infestation!