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Ants are insects that can easily squeeze into any space. This is why they are commonly found inside our homes. These small intruders, which may seem harmless alone, can quickly become invasive when found in a colony.

Consequently, if your home is severely infested with ants, you may want to contact pest control professionals. However, if you just want to know how to keep ants away from your home, here are some natural repellents that are effective against them.

Natural repellents you can try at home to keep ants away

Natural repellents are products that ants find unpleasant. In fact, they generally discourage ants from entering your home and establishing a colony. These products are not intended to exterminate ants, but rather to create a barrier against possible infestations. However, in the event of a serious infestation, you should consider a professional pest control solution tailored to your needs.

Have you considered spices to keep ants away?

Some spices can be good natural ant repellents. Cinnamon, pepper and salt are three spices that deter ants and many other insects from entering a home. Simply sprinkle them in strategic locations to repel these small insects.

Citrus fruits are another natural ant repellent!

Along with spices, you can also keep ants away from your house with lemon juice or orange peels. These two strongly scented citrus fruits can deter ants from venturing beyond your doorstep.

Plants can help repel ants

Plants can also be effective natural ant repellents. Peppermint, tansy and garlic plants are not particularly appreciated by ants.

Household products as natural repellents

Finally, you can also combine white vinegar or dish soap with water and lightly spray it on surfaces or areas where you have noticed ants. This will help eliminate any traces left by ants and discourage others from getting inside.

Avoid ant infestations with natural repellents!

All in all, these few natural ant repellents can help discourage ants from entering your home. However, if you’re concerned about an infestation, it’s best to let professionals deal with the problem.

If you still notice ants after using your natural repellents, do not hesitate to contact us now. At Elite Pest Control, our technicians can help you put an end to your ant infestation.