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For the most part, low temperatures before winter mean spending more time cozying up indoors. This is also the case with wild animals, especially mice, who are looking for a place to shelter and make their nests.

With no way of protecting themselves, these small rodents are major threats to you and your family. Their abundance and the health hazards they may pose should lead you to take action.

Here are some tips from our mouse exterminators to prevent infestations in your home in winter.

1. Caulk the mouse entry points before winter

Caulking is THE solution against pest intrusions, and not just in winter: sealing entry points solves most mouse problems.

Inspect the 5 preferred entry points for these pests right away:

  1. Your roof
  2. The garden hose connector
  3. Exterior door and window seals
  4. Air vents
  5. Firewood

Blocking access of these 5 places to mice is not so easy. They are agile and can sneak in anywhere.

If you don’t like the idea of doing the work yourself, but would like to have peace of mind for winter, Elite Pest Control offers sealing and caulking services. It will be our pleasure to help you prevent a mouse infestation in your home.

2. Clean up clutter in your home

Just like other rodent species in Canada, mice like cluttered areas, which offer many convenient hiding places, especially in parts of the house that are not being used such as the basement, attic or garage.

A few minutes of cleaning will make these areas much less inviting:

  • Put piles of newspapers and other waste in the trash and take it out.
  • Pick up stacks of laundry from the floor.
  • Make sure your items are off the ground.
  • Thoroughly sweep the rooms in question.

Without this, they will get comfortable without you noticing and you will regret it. With the quick reproduction rate of mice, you could end up with an overwhelming infestation in a matter of weeks.

3. Keep food out of the reach of rodents

Another simple way to avoid mice in winter is to not bait them with food.

Everyday, take 2 minutes of your time to:

  • Keep your countertops and other surfaces free of food and residue.
  • Check for crumbs under your kitchen counters, refrigerator and appliances and sweep if necessary.
  • Make sure your food is kept in airtight containers to restrict easy access.

Dog and cat food, which often attracts mice and rats, is often neglected. Remember to store pet food in well-sealed containers, just as you do with your family’s food.

4. Maintain the landscape around the house

Before the weather gets too harsh, get a pruning shear, protective gloves and take a few hours to do proper garden and yard maintenance. This will repel rodents, which again will have no place to hide.

  • Cut any branches that drop near your home, as they may provide rats with easy access to the roof or attic.
  • Clean up any invasive plants, weeds, and piles of leaves so that rodents have fewer places to hide.
  • Repair broken and worn materials.

Protect your home from mice in winter in Quebec with Elite Pest Control

Are you afraid that mice might find an opening to sneak into your home despite taking our advice?

These simple methods are usually enough to discourage pests from getting comfortable in your home, but Quebec’s harsh winters combined with the invasive nature of rodents can be enough to cause you a lot of trouble.

At Elite Pest Control, we offer preventive caulking, pest extermination and insulation services to help discourage any pest that would try to venture into your home.

Contact us if you have the slightest problem with mice in winter or any other pest that does not belong in your home.

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