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As the temperature drops and winter approaches, we tend to want to spend more and more time cocooned indoors. The same goes for animals such as mice, who look for a place to shelter from the cold and build their nests.

These rodents can reproduce quickly and threaten your health and that of your family if nothing is done to stop them. Here are tips from our mouse extermination service to help you prevent infestations at home during the winter.

1. Caulk mouse entry points before winter

Caulking is the best way to close off all potential access points and prevent pests from entering your home.

Check these 5 common mouse entry points and block them off:

  1. The roof
  2. The garden hose connector
  3. Exterior door and window seals
  4. Air vents
  5. Firewood

If you’d prefer not to seal the gaps yourself, Elite Pest Control offers preventive caulking services. We will be happy to help you keep mice out of your home this winter.

2. Keep your home clean and tidy

Like other rodent species in Canada, mice enjoy cluttered areas that offer plenty of hiding places, particularly in parts of the house that are rarely used such as the basement, attic and garage.

Take the following steps to make your home less attractive to mice when winter arrives:

  1. Clean up clutter around your home.
  2. If you have objects or newspapers you’re no longer using, get rid of them.
  3. Keep all items off the ground (except your furniture, of course).
  4. Clean your house from top to bottom.

If you neglect these steps, you run the risk of providing an ideal place for mice to shelter for the winter. Considering the speed at which mice reproduce, you could end up with an out-of-control infestation in a matter of weeks. You would then need help from extermination experts to resolve the problem.

3. Keep food and garbage beyond the reach of rodents

Another simple way to make your home less attractive to mice is to avoid leaving food lying around. Every day, take the time to:

  1. Keep your counters and other surfaces free of food and kitchen waste.
  2. Clean up any crumbs and food residue under the counters, fridge and appliances in your kitchen.
  3. Make sure that your food and that of your pets is kept hermetically sealed to prevent any pests from gaining access.

4. Trim the vegetation on your property before winter

Take the opportunity to do some yard maintenance before the Quebec climate gets too hostile. Equip yourself with some pruning shears and protective gloves and trim the vegetation on your property to give rodents fewer places to hide.

  1. Cut down any branches that stray too close to your house, as they could give mice easy access to your roof and attic.
  2. Remove any long weeds or piles of leaves that rodents could use to hide.

Protect your home from mice seeking shelter for the winter

The methods described above tend to be quite effective at discouraging mice from seeking shelter in your home, but Quebec’s harsh winters and the invasive nature of rodents spell trouble for those who fail to take precautions.

At Elite Pest Control, we offer insulation services that can help deter pests from entering your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about mice or other pests in your home.

Pascal Rock
Pascal Rock  
Director, Elite Pest Control
Founder and mainstay of Elite Pest Control, Pascal Rock has embodied expertise and dedication for over a decade. His training, acquired with expert mentors in extermination and pest decontamination, has shaped an outstanding professional. Under his leadership, a team of six seasoned technicians deploys the very best pest control strategies. Together, they ensure the peace of mind and safety of residents and professionals from Montreal to Quebec City, by offering fast, effective interventions, available at all times.