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Life always finds its way. So do rats. But are their numbers growing more than before in the province’s major cities?

Rats and large cities in Quebec: a bleak picture

The population of the City of Montreal, the second most populous city in Canada after Toronto, was 1.7 million in the 2017 census. Its rat population totals between five and six million, a proportion of 3.5 rats per Montrealer. This speaks volumes about the problem of rat proliferation in Quebec cities. Last year alone, the Municipality of Montreal’s 311 service, the gateway for citizens who want to request or forward information, received about 900 complaints related to the extermination of these critters.

Explaining the rodent population’s rise in urban areas

The proliferation of rats in Quebec cities is no coincidence. First, the mild winters of recent years have allowed species that normally hibernate to become more active and proliferate. Low temperatures in harsh winters help to control pest populations. On the other hand, the abnormally mild temperatures of late have allowed rats to thrive.

In addition, the presence of rats in large cities is exacerbated by the high volume of construction work. Rats often appear around drainage problems and broken sewer pipes because they are used to living in underground areas. When a pipe breaks, the excavation work required for repair it forces these pests to relocate and many of them reach the surface. Sometimes their new home is your home. The fact that no decontamination is carried out during these particular repairs aggravates the situation.

Other factors that contribute to rat outbreaks

Mild winters and construction work are partly responsible for the proliferation of rats in Quebec’s major cities. But other factors also contribute to their emergence. These include waste management in urban areas. Urban garbage cans without lids are a food source that rats love. Poor management and slow collection of these materials by the health services also contribute to the increased presence of these harmful mammals.

Avoid being plagued by an infestation

There is no doubt that the rat population is growing. To this end, what can be done to avoid being victims? First, make sure you do frequent housekeeping in your home. Rats are constantly looking for food. If they detect any in your home, they will attempt to settle in it. Also, avoid piling up cords of wood inside the house, as rats will be happy to stay there as the cold season approaches.

A solution to counter the spread of rats in Quebec’s major cities?

From one border to another, the rat population is growing. Although municipal management services are partly responsible for controlling these pests, it is your responsibility to control the population of these pests in and around your home.

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