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In the early 2000s, a new, exotic insect species appeared in North America. Native of Asia, the brown marmorated stink bug, also known as the “diabolical stink bug”, is now at the doors of Quebec. Some specimens have even been spotted in Montreal.

Faced with an unknown invader, having some concerns is justified. But should we really worry about the stink bug’s presence?

Why is it nicknamed the “diabolical stink bug”?

The brown marmorated stink bug is an extremely tough insect, which can grow to the size of a 25-cent coin as an adult. It attacks field crops, such as soybean and corn, as well as fruit trees by feeding on leaves and fruits. Moreover, researchers have observed that the attacked fruits do not develop in a normal manner, which means that entire harvests can be threatened.

As it comes from Asia and arrived on American soil without its natural predators, the conditions were right for it to settle for good and reproduce and invade more and more areas that were spared until recently.

This pest’s presence in Quebec

The diabolical stink bug mainly travels by road. To arrive in North America, it was hidden in cargoes that were shipped by boat or plane. Once there, it settled near major urban centers, where it could cling to vehicles such as cars and trains, which allowed it to colonize new territories.

For the moment, since Quebec has a northern climate, it is rare to observe more than a dozen specimens at a time, unlike other places where they can gather by the thousands. However, due to global warming, the day that stink bugs can spread gleefully and reproduce exponentially is perhaps not so far away.

Different from the bedbug

The good news is that, unlike the bedbug, it does not feed on human blood. It settles inside houses simply to protect itself from the cold as winter approaches. However, its rather repulsive appearance and the nauseating odour it can give off make it unwelcome. Some people may even suffer from nose and eye irritation due to this strong odour which has earned it the “stink bug” nickname.

How to defend against stink bugs

The methods are quite limited for combatting such a resistant invader. In fact, the best way to prevent stink bugs from infesting a home is to block any entry points they might use to sneak in.

In effect, caulking aimed at perfectly sealing a home will prevent the bugs from penetrating and taking refuge in the fall.

Be prepared to resist the invader!

Due to its propensity to invade homes to protect itself from the cold, its unpleasant odour and the significant damage it can cause to crops, the Quebec population should be wary of the stink bug.

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